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The Stock Market Will Have the Last Laugh

The White House is celebrating but it’s the stock market that will have the last laugh.

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  1. The reason for the confusion is because the Liberals are lying so much they’re stepping on each other with each other’s lies.

  2. The best investment one can do right now is investing on Forex trading though stocks are good but ever since I swapped to Forex, I’ve seen so much difference

  3. Fed been lying about everything the whole time. It just really got bad in 2008 and has continued to this day


  5. My advice to new investors: Buy good companies stocks and hold them as long as they are good companies. Just do this and ignore the forecasts and market views which are at best entertaining but completely useless.

  6. NEXT MONTH: in small print on the back page of a newspaper, unemployment number revised downward 👇

  7. Great presentation! I had wondered about the unexpectedly good Friday jobs report; you give the best explanation I’ve heard so far. And the “great” thing about it is, come this spring, it will be obvious who was right.

    Any reason we can’t expect the current administration to push for another round of stimulation (aka “bribing us with our own money”)?

  8. “Bond (yields) crashing higher because of High Frequency Trading…. The Fed has no control over the Long Bond anymore…”

    PURE COMEDY! Lol awesome analysis! Where do I sign up!?

    Nobody really trusts THIS GUY to invest any of their hard-earned money…do they!!?

  9. Wellllllllll
    Nothing like BS numbers !
    Such garbage.
    Does anyone believe anything this government says……🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Missing out on bull markets is FAR more costly than holding throughout bear markets.

  11. I do state-funded home health care, haven’t had a raise in 2 years and my hours got cut too.
    Locally, a bunch of retail stores have been closing earlier than at any point during the pandemic.
    Restaurants are mostly also closing earlier, all that were 24/7 are now barely 12hrs a day.
    A whole local chain of 24/7 gas stations are now closed overnight but they only started this about 4 months ago.
    How in the hell are there more jobs?

  12. Great video Steve. I’ll pop the champagne when the DOW drops below 15K 🥂

  13. anyone can read the “news” steve – i sit here and listen to youtubers read news all the time and i totally start to space out. I wish you could just stop reading and only reference your news, so you can get to meat of WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO SAY!

  14. This channel is bad really bad, I mean do I need someone to read me the headline news, I gave it a try but it’s enough, no more Eddie Munster

  15. It’s easy to understand why the Whitehouse seems confused to these reports, the potus has dementia..

  16. The job numbers are complete rubbish over 1 million new jobless claims in Jan. If everything is so strong stop QE and raise rates NOW don’t wait until March.

  17. Nobody gives a **** about COVID omicron delta whatever what a joke its the mandates

  18. This great reset they’re talking about has something to do with bankrupting all the countries is it because the Fiat currencies are garbage or what

  19. I’m compiling and picking stocks that I’d love to hold on to before retirement, you need to invest smartly, if you need the good things of life. so far I’ve made over $350k in raw profits from the last quarter in the market my diversified portfolio strategy and i believe anyone can do it you have the right strategy. mutual funds takes long time but investing smartly is the key for short term.

  20. This administration is ridiculous. I don’t think anyone like them. I personally think they are evil thieves

  21. BLS is Biden’s lapdog and will say anything he tells them to, to make him appear competent. Democrats are famous for pulling jobs (or votes) out of the hat when they need to.

  22. Definitely besides the Stock market being a zero sum game, it can be argued that most of the dealings are “pre-planned”. Real problem is; besides it, is there even any other relatively easy but inflation resistant way of getting and storing cash?

  23. Hahahhahaha they lied so they can convince stupid sheep when they raise the interest rate that it’s a good idea

    This is too good

  24. < TA is all well and good but I find it truly baffling that all major crypto youtubers just look at pure TA and completely ignore the bigger narrative of why BTC is pumping and why the future outlook might not be as rosy as it seems. It's kinda irresponsible to ignore the fact that each ETF launch so far has caused a major dump at the peaks of BTC. More emphasis should be put into day tradiing as it is less affected by the unpredictable nature of the market. I have made over 11 btc from day tradng with FADWA, insights and signals in less than 2 weeks, this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish.,,

  25. I agree to this, but this is the problem! Most times people with a little knowledge of stock market try investing by themselves, i was once like that.

  26. 4 THE WORLD: “I Would Like to INVITE; People of ‘ALL NATIONS’ to LIVE in The United States of America.” Watching OLYMPICS, I Just “Honestly LOVE Seeing the MIXTURE of BEAUTIFUL People. My 2nd Wife was German, and Immigration was a NIGHTMARE. Things are different NOW! WE will BUILD an AWESOME America. [Fly to Mexico – Pay a Guy – Leave your I.D. Behind.] peace

  27. At the minute I think Biden can barely understand a push/pull door, nevermind a jobs report

  28. I believe < that the inflation is already priced in crypto market since the end of last year. These manipulative rats are always 2 steps ahead of everybody because they are market makers. I hope I’m wrong and they won’t keep dumping it on retail investors as always. Those who hold the longest will profit the most, I trade and hold profits keep up the great work! and also Mr Miles Brant has been doing a great job reviewing all chart, trade and techniques on BTC which has enhance the growth of my portfolio to 20 BTC lately...

  29. Steve didn’t I tell you that Government data is false misleading and manipulated? Don’t base your decisions on false Government data!

  30. You keep saying the fed is unwinding their balance sheet, but when I look at their own chart of assets held, the trend has not changed for a over a year. What gives?

  31. Now the market seems to be bouncing back but a lot of people lost huge sums already. No one talks about that. To those who lost big time via taking leverage position and those who are panic selling & buying.
    Please you have to be serious with your financial life by all means in this new year. Navigating the crypto space alone without proper guidance is very dangerous. I thank Larysa Del, a popular crypto and bitcoin expert who has upgraded my financial status. This bear market has been favourable to me as i make good p r o f i t s regardless .

  32. The stock market doesn’t laugh. The Fed has no mandate to support asset prices. They have forced the elderly, widows, and orphans into the stock market with low interest rates and 0% CD’s. Shame on them, with inflation soaring, a lifetime’s worth of savings is also melting. Low interest, high inflation, I guess the elderly should just go ahead and die. But no, wait till the stock market goes down 50%. Then the Fed can act self-righteous, like it wasn’t their fault in the first place that the market was sent to the moon with TINA.

  33. It’s not BLS,..but pure BS,…..fudging numbers said CNN, MSNBC, WH, Psaki……

  34. The Fraudministration wants to push a narrative that everything is OK. They are banking that the economy will not crash before the midterms. Vote RED no matter who.

  35. The number of scam comments is getting to be utterly incredible. I’m sure that YouTube has the ability to stop this and they had better hurry up or it will ruin YouTube. I used to find the comments section to be a very useful place to learn more, but I’m on the verge of switching it off.