What do you think of METAHERO and EVERDOME. Watch the full video to get my thoughts and information :) For those following, how do you feel about the none blue background?

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What do you think the price action will do!?


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  1. You will need to watch the entire video ❤️ Thank you for checking the video out!

  2. Thanks for the video. I’m pretty new in these universe, but tokens in a metamask ledger are allowed, right? Hope you understand what I mean. Thanks.

  3. one slot? what is a slot? does that mean i get into the auction and will need tons more money to buy land? everyone seems to know what a slot is but me?

  4. Solid video! I loved this project before the Everdome announcement, awesome addition! Hopefully it blows up! Do you think there will be a Everdome crypto to move some of our profits into?

  5. listen to him properly silly, he said they where never intending to become a meta verse but more or less has become a meta verse and they have called it overdome open your ears

  6. MrBeast would be a better choice for influencers. MrBeast properly does it for free.

  7. Thank you for taking the time to share your insight. I was thinking along the same lines.

  8. Metahero is creating a database with the scanned avatars and other objects. Heroverse may be the marketplace?

  9. Blok needs to break through 13/14 cents alot of resistance. Hero has jumped since he made the video.

  10. Big bag holder of both Hero & Bloktopia!! Love the channel Lou!

    From what I gather BitBoy turns down 99% of sponsored projects. When Rob contacted him he said ABSOLUTELY…

  11. Hello Lou please explain the requirement for keeping the 10,000 hero. I have some in KuCoin but would have to add more to qualify but do I keep it there for the next screenshot because I started there or do I send it to my metamask wallet before the next screenshot? Thanks

  12. Great content, love your energy and vibe bro>
    Plus my cat is called Louie! What a name. Haha
    Keeep up the hard work Lou! Just subscribed
    Much Love

  13. 1) I like the points you delivered. They were balanced and not bullish.
    2) I like your healthy level of scepticism about the project
    3) HERO token DOES have utility rn. If my understanding is correct. You will need HERO token to scan yourself. That same token will then be burned after the scan.
    When you take that in consideration with everdome, you’ll be able to see that The CEO has the investors in mind BIG time.

    I’m 100% on the same page as you. Great video!!

  14. So how I understand the early heros paper is not that u get an allocation of land in Everdome. It only guarantees u a discount of slots u wanna purchase. As long I don´t know how much a slot of land costs I am not sure to invest in Metahero. It´s like buying a coupon for a not priced product. But never the less nice video!

  15. Great realistic and balanced review buddy!
    I have a question though ,theese slots, why would someone need more then 1 slot? Is it like “1 slot” for one wallet,for you to be whitelisted for the ICO of Everdome or what? And do you have to stake them or just hold them on metamask? Appreciate it

  16. If you think that €0,50 cents HERO is gonna be much then boy you’re in for a massive threat in the long run.

  17. This is about e-commerce, a picture to an NFT to put in store fronts in the Everdome or other metas that’s is selling real products. Nike store front, Disney store front, etc. that’s what this is all about. Not a game, this is about our real lives buying products with people around the world, all in one meta, or in store front with no foreign exchanges. I’m able to buy, buy, buy, and business are able to make money. Buying and selling period.

  18. Sony, who is involved, has already the capabilities to take care of the hardware issue through PlayStations and it’s peripherals.

  19. I’ve got so many thoughts on this.
    1) I feel like the CEO is just a douhe. I get thay vibe from him. But im here to make money. Just wanted it known.
    2) I’m curious how the technology will hold up. There is a reason why the ENTIRE meta space hasn’t went the uber realistic route even when they have the capital.
    3) I want to believe in Hero. I want to believe in Everdome, but I can’t invest off of jusy the same recycled video of the CEO getting scanned and standing inside of what looks like bloktopia. Same issue I have with Star Atlas. Just tell us something. Even on the Twitter for Hero….nothing but promises lol and hype.

    Overall folks are gonna make money for sure. Butttttt why even invest in hero if Everdome is the real meta play.

  20. Sorry, but those Crypto launchpads with entering barrieres are not needed. Hope there is a gateway which can also require new projects without the need of Whitelist, entering barrieres… Also better for such projects to get long-term and solid investors. With such gateways you create a pump and dump market and a high fluctuation rate of people.
    Blockchain is not needed at all for their purposes…

  21. I just made the comment, all that matters in the metaverse is what playstation, xbox, and steam does. Where everyone gathers, is where the metaverse will exist. Microsoft will crush. Google will crush.

  22. Panda girl token .. don’t miss on this one too .. very early, Certik in progress .. great project take it from the old crypto vet ..

  23. Defi Degen land is going to become the next metaverse like sandbox, dont sleep on this gem♥️

  24. I did extensive research and this is a great project to have in your portfolio. Good review video very honest concerns although the hardware cost will get cheaper in the coming years as always.

  25. I think your technological comprehension is challenged in many of your points.

  26. Most IDO do staking so its not a bad idea I hope dey create this staking opportunity

  27. As I’m understanding it, there is “Pre-sale” where you can just buy however much you want, instead the “pre-sale” is just an allocation of tokens? Is that how you are understanding this? I guess if you want more everdome then you will have to buy it on an exchange just like everyone else. I’m kind of disappointed because I don’t really feel that I”m going to get allocated the amount that I want to buy.

  28. Can anyone explain the next step, I had 10000 in trust wallet on Dec 10th, how will I receive notification of my everdome allocation? and how do I purchase?

  29. It’s illegal to offer a presale to US residents ! Maybe they have a workaround

  30. The truth is that their Scanners dont even work. The growth is only based on hype and good marketing

  31. Can you make an update on metahero. this coin has dropped almost 50% over the past 4 weeks

  32. anyone know if i need to hold BNB or do i need BNB smart chain?
    also wondering if there is a contract address i need to add to my wallet? really dont want to mess this up! any help appreciated

  33. Rob is a skeeze he targets dumb people and takes advantage. That is how he accumulated his wealth

  34. The Hardware will come, will get cheaper and more available. Simple.