This News Will Get METAHERO To 1$ !!!! | Price Prediction & Update

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  1. I follow *all the channels* 📺 Nobody pushed Metahero like you did. Congrats 🎉 I listened. I bought the KuCoin listing. Thank you 🙏

  2. Im really curious of how the gameplay of the everdome will be looking like. Also if there is anything to do besides of nice game graphic.

  3. You have to show how you selected the winners and their register dates on bybit
    u have to make it transparent because that’s what crypto is all about not you just showing us some list u made up
    show us how u got that list

  4. when or where can you buy everdom and what does it have to do with owning 100k metahero do you get a better price?

  5. bro they took the snapshot on the 25th right? and they mention its from the 26th NOV to the 10th DEC no transferring or selling.. i transfer on the 25th NOV out trust wallet and get more coins and transferred again into trust wallet 25th like after 2 hours.
    now im confused as fuck. the transfer is not allowed from the 26th NOV right?

  6. I think they need to explain what is the use of hero token if Everdome token come out?

  7. They now pay 1000 usd in HERO to scan your body into meta hero’s ultra items scanner . A change made from a 200 dollar fee to scan in.You can pretty much can fly to it for that price..

  8. Fuk metahero. Wants to sh*t on another project, they’ll get unwanted attention.