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This stock is really down compared to its IPO price today we’re talking about ROOT stock or Root Insurance stock! The IPO price for this stock was $27 and since then it has gone down more than 50%! Does this stock have potential to go back up? Is Root stock a buy now? Root stock analysis! Is this stock still undervalued? Best stock to buy now? Root Short squeeze incoming?

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  2. Have a look at AAZ ( Anglo Asian mining) it is one of the best company’s I’ve seen and holds massive amount of profit making

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  4. This is primed to explode due to low float (lower than GME), rsi, macd, short interest and highly oversold.

  5. Great stock pick , dope channel keep grinding new support 🔥🛎🛎

  6. Root is exhibiting rigor mortise, that said I’m in 1,000 shares at $6.50