Alien Worlds – TLM Token

TLM (ALIEN WORLD) update, we are just getting started !!!

Earn 10$ daily video :
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Disclaimer: everything said in the video is not a financial advice and meant for educational purpose only, please DYOR

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  1. Thank you! As always you are amazing!!!
    Could do a video on rose oasis network as well

  2. I don’t think it would go down to 30 cents. It would be the most probable that it would hit the .53 cents resistance like you’ve said, but it would only consolidate for a day and pump again. It would not go down to .30 cents like you’ve mentioned.

  3. If you have tlm stack it on aliens worlds binance missions, you’ll have around 5% stacking weekly

  4. At .34 now .. I’ve watched other vids & you guys are pretty close on the TA. Let’s hope we get a bounce & not break .30…

  5. Just learn. New thing green sell red buy Thank you bro.. I hope to enter soon in crypto

  6. Can i enter now… It seems like the price rebounded from 0.3 cents.. please i need some advice