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Top 10 Cardano Projects in 2022

September 12, 2021 was the day that Cardano fans had eagerly been waiting for and Cardano naysayers did not believe would ever arrive: the Alonzo upgrade was rolled out, and smart contracts finally went live on the network.

Although Cardano is still lagging behind its more developed blockchain rivals in terms of the availability of decentralized applications, reports indicate that developer activity on the network actually outpaces that of Ethereum, Solana and Avalanche.

It’s worth taking a look at some of the most significant DApps in the Cardano ecosystem and how they could shape the blockchain’s future.

1:41 – API3
2:34 – ERGO
3:26 – ADAX
4:00 – THEOS
4:38 – ARDANA
5:26 – Occam.Fi
6:06 – Charli3
6:41 – MELD
7:23 – SundaeSwap

Which one is your favorite? Comment below

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  1. Great Stuff. I started watching your videos last year as a beginner before giving STOCK and CRYPTO a trial. I was able to make $972,000 within 3 Months with a capital of $200,000 with the help of BLAINE PHILLIPS JR. I learned a lot about buying when there is fear in the market . I use to get shaken out and panic sell but now I buy more when I see the low prices

  2. I’ve seen it. But Cardano has a major downside to it: It’s a bit of a eco-marketing joke and just a derivative of ETH. And is therefore competing in terms of real sustainability with any faster cloud mining ready currency and with all the other ETH and BTC based coins.

  3. Smart Contracts went live back in August 2021…Charles doesn’t say anything about markets..
    You guys are absolute nob heads..Your YouTube is a complete bollocks as you know nothing..

  4. Lecker mietsjuh?! Now i didnt drunk so dont blaim the drink. Hehe and you talk sexy 😁

  5. such a contrast :O fashionably speaking lady about crypto is something which is new in the crypto world at least to me lol. 🤣

  6. Thx Coinmarketcap! I am subbed. Jessica is very cute and very knowledgeable. So I am hooked. lol

  7. Yes she is a beautiful lady and knows her stuff to love that …ADA is the way to go so much to offer in time it will be the number 2 on the market cap…

  8. Love your show gal 🤠! Good broad coverage of the Cardano ecosystem very knowledgeable and smart! Also yes I am in love with you and your voice! 💕 😘 !

  9. You should adding the title, not only top 10 cardano project… Top ten cardano defi project… 😂

    How about empowa sir ?

  10. All my friends talk about Son of Shib. If to tell sincerely, I’m completely tired of them! Please, could you make a video on this coin, Son of Shib?

  11. Why nobody is talking about Cardanos Muesliswap dex 😅 Muesliswap – Milk is exploding at the moment.