Top Staking Coins

TOP 10 STAKING Platforms with INSANE APYs (+8000% to +1,000,000,000% PER YEAR?!)

| *USE EXTREME CAUTION* | So far, my investments in staking platforms have yielded positive results (see other videos). Today, I am doing a little research into the other staking platforms that pop up every day. Some have been recommended, some are trending, but all need due diligence on your behalf. Please invest carefully. Enjoy.

*UPDATE* SNOWDOG has pulled LP. Do NOT Invest.

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  1. Thank you all for the overwhelming support! Here is a link to my Discord: [SIDE NOTE: Scammers in the Comments – I will never ask you to message my WhatsApp number. Report all scam accounts]

  2. Great inf 💪 do you have the link for the last 2? Thanks for your time 👍

  3. Lost half my investment on $SDOG so got out of it. Because of its association with $SB I got out of that one too. A few days ago i was bullish on AVAX tokens because of all the OHM forks but i feel a little insecure about it now. Was also in Time and got out of that too ha. Tbh I think the tokens still need to be a success for yield to mean anything. In reality you are just getting extra tokens to hold a shit coin. If the shit coin does bad so will your extra tokens. So the yield imo is just smokes and mirrors. The whole idea of OHM forks is based on the idea to hold and if everybody else holds then you reap the rewards. But everybody is not going to hold. Everybody is going to sell. So the prisoner experiment fails. You can probably make money on these projects as an early adopter and exiter but not something to hold for a long time.

  4. The APY doesn’t move due to the coin price. It moves due to the staked/unstaked coins. So if more people stake, then the APY drops. If less people stake, then the APY rises. That is what moves the APY up and down, not the price of the coin

  5. I’ve been in Fortress Dao since release, and can safely say the devs are some of the smartest and active of any project ive been in

  6. Great commentary on the staking. I’m in a couple of them already and because of your comments will give you in a few more

  7. What does current index mean on the home pages for these projects? Thanks in advance.

  8. Do you the Wonderland’s APY will sustain for as long as the runway says it will? Or do you think it’ll lower over time?

  9. Hi, thank you for the info. I cannot see the excel link of your worksheet mentioned. Can you please direct??TIA

  10. I went balls deep into Wonderland last night after watching your video’s on it. Love a high-risk/high-reward project. Thanks !

  11. To swap Klima the best from liquidity point of view is to swap you MATIC -> USDC and then USDC -> KLIMA. Liquidity is not enough to swap immediately from MATIC to KLIMA most of the times

  12. This is what I love about crypto!! Just when you think there’s no more, then stuff like staking comes out. Crypto is the world’s ticket to freedom if done correctly. After this video I will definitely be learning how to do all this with the possible returns. Thanks for keeping everything straight forward and clear!! 🙏

  13. Hi Torin, can you maybe help me? I wanted to stake on Wonderland – I followed every step but the final transaction in Wonderland app is still “pending” for nearly 30 minutes. Is this normal or any advice what to do? Thanks!

  14. this is not so simple how it looks, i stake about 800$ 2 weeks ago. But the price of TIME is lower than it was 2 weeks ago, so now including daily roi, im am 100 $ on minus… I know its a project for a year, but if somebody want to stake for month, i think there are some better options.

  15. Amazing video, very helpful!!!
    Great channel, super informative and helps rookies like me to get orientated!
    Thanks a lot for the great content!

  16. Nice video! Super bullish on FORT right now. Devs are very responsive and just had an AMA yesterday. Lots of plans in the works for new LP bonds and a big marketing push. near 1:1 backing ratio. Crazy undervalued right now. Probably the best value I’ve seen on the market currently. Very similar feel to my other favorite play HEC in the early stages.

  17. Snow dog is stoping staking rewards in the next day or two. They are converting to a meme currency for AVAX. If you buy do NOT expect compound APY unless they bring it back after they treasured depletion buyback

  18. Pardon my ignorance, but how will these projects have the liquidity to pay off these humongous returns, specially if people start selling at the same time? I’m still new to all this and goes over my head, but I’m working on it!

  19. Ohm is too expensive because of ETH that’s why I invested in the BNB version GYRO the market cap is low so I’m happy with the risk reward ratio

  20. Wonderland pays 10% in 5 days so basically enough to reverse the dips, once token comes back up you are in the green ;)

  21. Is the APY on Snowbank legit? Can i withdraw at anytime or must i wait until after a year?

  22. You know I was just telling my brother in law that I wished this spreadsheet existed. I love how visual your channel is because this is how I think. Thank you so much for your information, you have gained a follower!!!

  23. Thx Torin, great video. As of today 12H00 GMT, here’s how these token have changed in value:
    Olympus: $846.94 (now $729.76), Down 14%

    Snowbank: $2647,67 (now $726.96), Down 73%
    MetaversePRO: $226.36 (now $527.07), UP 133%
    Hector DAO: $194.03 (now $220.41), UP 13%
    Klima DAO: $1401.87 (now $1291.47), Down 8%
    Wonderland: $8829.55 (now $7224.91), Down 19%
    Invictus: $1210.97 (now $717.36), Down 41%
    Euphoria: $1087.96 (now $1202.61), UP 10%
    Snowdog: $1521.61 (now $62.65), Down 96%
    Fortress DAO: $110.84 (now $86.41), Down 22%
    Spartacus: $280.65 (now $148.48), Down 48%

  24. I wish he would do the time stamp for each one so we can skip around easier.

  25. yeah of course the apy of the different projects is totaly insane, thanks for the video good job torin.

  26. This is really helpful. What percentage of your crypto portfolio is comprised of staked tokens?

  27. What happens when they pull lp and you still have investments? Do they let you know to pull out?

  28. FORT is my first ohm fork and the community has been nothing but great and already increased my FORT stack in 7 days

  29. I have to be understanding this wrong. So if there’s a 500k% APY, if you stake and hold for a year you’ll have 500k% profit? Sounds too good to be true

  30. Everyone, be aware snowbank did rug pulled everyone. Stay vigilant out there

  31. Thanks for your video! How do you find those type of platform with very high APYs?

  32. Great video…great list .. i am more impressed of the quality and clarity of your camera… Video is crystal clear :)

  33. do you have a video editor or do you do it yourself? I would like their contact info if so

  34. what im wondering about is, how do you find coins with these insane APY’s ? like where can you keep track, other then coingecko to see what new coins have aired and what kind of coins they are. i’ve searched far and wide to find other coins like these but i havent found a single coin (december) to have such huge APY so any tips and tricks to identify these APY coins ?

  35. hi torin, can i have the excel sheet that you made for this video . please

  36. Great Video. All in one place. Do you have a link to the spreadsheet that you are willing to share?

  37. Ohm V2 is cross chain fees lower and not insane high apy but solid backed and consistent cash flow. Loving it

  38. Hii bro , can you please tell that after two months now is there any above mentioned project been considered as a scam ?? And also do these staking projects have any locking period of my staked tokens ??

  39. “If the price rises the APY drops if the price drops the APY rises.” This is not a truthful statement to make the APY and the price do not always move inversely with one another. We are seeing right now with many staked assets that the Price and the APY are both falling together