Top Staking Coins

Top 4 Best Crypto Staking Platforms for Passive Gains!!

Best crypto staking platforms for crypto passive income.

MoneyZG Crypto Course: App Bonus (code: x2eaxskxfz):
Celsius Wallet $50 BTC Bonus (use code 1530957b9a):
BlockFi up to $250 BTC Deposit Bonus:
Nexo Bonus:

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Best Staking Platforms – 00:00
Celsius – 02:01
BlockFi – 04:23
Nexo – 07:55 – 09:42
Wallets – 11:28

Celsius Network:
How to Stake Cardano ADA:
How to Stake Solana SOL:

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  1. Hey bro will you plz teach technical analysis and wallet experience of yours with us???

  2. Celsius not available to new U.K. users

    And aren’t these lending sites, not staking?

  3. How about whitebit they have up to 28% apy, could you make a video about them too?

  4. Celsius isn’t available to new users in the UK and hasn’t been for months. As part of the sign up they ask for your address then tell you that they can’t accept you.

  5. 2:50 for the Celsius deposit bonus, can you clarify whether i have to transfer $400 (where i have to pay fees) or can i transfer Crypto?

  6. The tittle is not correct. You are not staking, you are lending your coins to other people

  7. I was legit searching up this last night and the fact that you have a video out on it makes me think that you can read my mind lol

  8. i guess this was just centralized staking options, can you show us a defi version of same video

  9. what percentage of your portfolio would you feel comfortable lending out on these services

  10. 11:35, could you you do a video on how to do direct staking on the Blockchain ?

  11. the first part not taking money out is hard to do sometimes part of the point is too pay for stuff over time so it more of a timed offer then?

  12. Was literally just looking up stuff about this the other day, now that FTX finally cleared my deposits so I can transfer them and get ADA and others that weren’t on FTX

  13. Crypto Island is the Worlds First Decentralized Private Island in crypto space!!! 1st Island will be located in Bahamas!!!!

  14. Appreciate your video very much, wondering why Voyager was not included though, such a great platform in my opinion.

  15. HI mate. Thanks for the video. Just wondering what is your opinion on Veono and thier high percentage rates? Can you do a vid on this? Thanks.

  16. Selling SOL for ADA as SOL token distribution is highly Centralised plus SOL re started the network which is a major RED FLAG for me. ADA is about to sky rocket.

  17. As the economy crisis keep rising,one needs to have different streams of income, a well detailed diversified investment portfolio in the financial markets is needed to survive, as well as secure a profitable investment future! Wondering if viewers here are familiar with Betty Gary trading strategies

  18. Great videos with concise and informative content. I really enjoy watching. Keep up the good work!

  19. How to buy/enroll in your course? I’m from india and i keep getting card is declined.

  20. Can’t use celsius in the UK! How did you get around it? tHANKS FOR THE VID BTW.

  21. Currently my best staking is SOKU. Partly is also in farming with 250% APY. Best in passive income. 😀

  22. Dude…
    Just… Fxcking GOD BLESS YOU MAN!
    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you. x’D~

    Eternal. Just… Good Looking Out.

  23. I do have a question pls. When you say they offer 4% apy, is it daily or monthly?

  24. Hi There, great video as usual – celsius won’t let me sign up based in Uk (Scotland) ?????