Top 5 Cryptocurrency Airdrops YOU CAN STILL GET

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Airdrops YOU CAN STILL GET and let’s also review some upcoming potential airdrops to earn even more money for free with crypto ahem OpenSea, Metamask, and!
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Learn how to claim the GRO AVAX airdrop here!
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There are free lunches in cryptocurrency as more and more projects and companies are airdropping their cryptocurrency tokens. Airdropping tokens to early crypto users is a great way to bootstrap a new crypto, incentivize and reward your crypto investors and above all decentralize your project or company. There’s a lot of speculation on upcoming free cryptocurrency airdrops like the ZAPP or OpenSea OSEA tokens and of course the Metamask META tokens but there are some other exciting guaranteed crypto airdrops like Ethereum Name Service ENS tokens. Growth DeFi is airdropping their GRO tokens to Avalanche AVAX traderjoexyz JOE xJOE stakers and so many more crazy crypto airdrop opportunities right now!

Free Crypto Airdrop Links & more!
TradeJoeXYZ avalanche AVAX defi dex –
Claim the ENS domains token airdrop here –
Claim your BRIGHT BrightID tokens – potential crypto airdrop – likely free crypto airdrop –
OpenSea likely token airdrop token 2022 –
Claim the DYDX airdrop here –
Learn how to use Metamask –
Gitcoin continues to support ETH public goods!

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Airdrops coming soon
01:07 $osea, $meta, $gro and $avax aidrops
01:33 $zapp airdrop
03:25 Buy and Sell NFTs on Opensea
05:40 Crypto Assassins
06:33 Analyzing ENS drop
08:01 RabbitHole launches a new quest every week
09:59 Swap with Metamask
11:41 HBSC token
14:01 Trade JOE on Avalanche
16:13 The more participate the more you earn

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  2. The ENS link isn’t working. I’ll check back in the morning to see if you’ve updated it, because I (of course) want to use your referral!

  3. You sould have used the bridge from matic to xdai to avoid the gas… literally did the quest for 20 usd total for the rabbit hole Dao quest

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  6. Enjoyed your videos, thanks! I’m willing to put $100,000 into mining rigs, what’s your best advice? A container? And is there an option to not have it in my backyard? I have limited space.

  7. ATOM, Secret and Luna stakers have an airdrop- Shade protocal -snap shots start yesterday till mid december

  8. Your discord wont let me in. It wants a password that i have no idea what it us and i guess you send it to us?

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  10. There’s just not enough people putting out content about airdrops lol how am I missing out on shit like this

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  13. Another guaranteed airdrop is the Songbird network $SGB which has a snapshot date of 12.12.2021 from Flare Finance

  14. This is a nice video, must admit trading and investing in crypto market is quite difficult for beginners with low experience due to the high rate of scammers and losess involved. I will always recommend your videos for beginners to have a basic is stocks and cryptocurrency, guys like you are rarely seen keep it up.

  15. Don’t forget Pulse chain – will be doing a complete system state air drop of all ERC 20 tokens.

  16. Ms Vosk, what the web address for HBSC? I couldn’t find it doing a web search.

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