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Top 5 Solana Ecosystem Projects with MASSIVE Potential!

Solana and it’s token SOL has absolutely ROCKETED in 2021… 80x gains since the start of this year. But that makes it unlikely to rocket the same amount moving forward. However, it has a bustling ecosystem that’s full of new projects that COULD rocket that much in the future. So in this video let’s explore 5 Solana ecosystem projects that I’ve got my eyes on and see whether or not they’d be worth an investment!

Solana Pros and Cons video:
Top 5 staking coins video:

0:00 Intro
0:42 Why Ecosystem Projects?
1:49 Project #5
3:18 Project #4
4:29 Project #3
5:26 Project #2
6:14 Top Wallet to Use
6:30 Project #1
8:11 Just hold SOL?

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  1. The Honest Truth is that maximalism made people miss out on the pretty obvious rise of Solana.

  2. I like Solana, bought a bag when you got me in a few months ago with your SOL video, thank you so much for that bro haha

  3. Tried building a simple dApp on Solana but failed… harder than on ETH but I’ll try again later and hopefully can figure it out

  4. Sir please make a “altcoins exit strategy at the peak of bullrun ” video 🙏🙏. It will help a lot of people.

  5. all charts should be against SOL not USD.
    SRM/SOL is on a FREEFALL since it was listed on Binance.
    Just hold SOL.

  6. How did you not mention civic ? It’s in my opinion in the #1 dap on solana there moving to defi now with decentralized ai identity to confirm identity for any nft sale liquidity pool anything digital decentralized identity is going to be hugeeeee

  7. Hi Coinsider. Do you think the regulations happening to uni will also happen to Serum?

  8. no liquidity for ray/ sol/ srm -> sbr ! how to get sbr? using raydium now cant use serum

  9. A good substitute for Cope is $Impact. Same concept but a full VC backed project based our of Singapore. They are trying to be the Etoro of crypto.

  10. Phantom is so much better than Metamask, all it needs is the ability to purchase tokens direct

  11. Pls can someone give me a link to download this phantom wallet on pls …from playstore

  12. Hi and thank you for the video….I have a question I asked somewhere else but have not gotten the answer yet. I been investing in crypto for a while now and according to my humble experience I do not see why would people invest in a DEX token? They do not have any chance of hitting high price like a 100 or 200 simply because they are only DEX tokens. We can see the prices of all existing DEX tokens that have been there for a while. Non is really impressing. Uniswap , pancake, Sushi, 1inch, DODO and the list goes on….non will ever reach 100 dollar. so why would someone invest in them? only way to make money using DEX token is by buying a huge amount of them and stake them. Please if am wrong correct me and enlighten me, will appreciate that :)

  13. What about solstater. It’s not out yet but it seems very promising once it comes. Just look at how cardstarter did

  14. Raydium is so underrated that it’s actually funny to find this opportunity at this moment lol

  15. Thank you so much for the video great help! could you let us know when ure going to buy sbr? its’s around 5cents right now

  16. Polygon has invested in $LARIX and there are also two other ones $PARrot and $grape …. can you review those ?

  17. Thank you for this amazing video!
    What you think about Pacoca coin?
    Is it a good one?

  18. Hi,thanx for the video.What about Oxygen? I think having Alameda Research behind this project is a huge potencial for investing on long term on it.

  19. Where’s the best place to make return on my chainlink? I’m using cheesecake swap 🤣 I got lucky tho, I bought 125 bucks worth of the cheese cake and it literally like 300x and I made a decent return. Thanks in advance

  20. Raydium was the first place I swapped, farmed, etc. Very nice interface.

  21. *Cyclos*
    Amm with concentrated liquidity better than uniswap V3 and way cheaper because it’s on Solana

  22. Their major shitcoin is Samoyed coin. Watch it blow up similar to the next Shib. If you want x100 gains make sure to check that one out.

  23. what do you think of serum right now ? weekly chart looks bearish , ive been holding serum since a long time now and not willing to sell at all … but i really would like youre pov on it

  24. ORCA will eventually surpase pancake and sushiswap as well as uniswap. orca is so easy