Top DEFI Yield Farms. Earn Passive Income!

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Metamask: https://metamask.io/
Sushiswap: https://sushi.com/
Coffin: https://app.coffin.finance/farms2
Beefy: https://www.beefy.finance/
Alpha: https://alphafinance.io/
gro: https://app.gro.xyz/

DINGLE TOKEN: https://www.rally.io/creator/DNGL/

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  1. Do you stay in these pools long term? Or do you have to keep jumping from one to another?

  2. in LP rewards; do you get the LP token back or some specific token you are farming

  3. Harvest Finance Farm just 690k supply and still low market cap 🚜🚜🚜🚜🚜 buy Farm

  4. Looks like…this guy didnt heard about Defi Yeild Protocol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. For me Klima is just the best and safest. My returns are insane and super happy with the returns 😎