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Top Fantom Ecosystem Gems | How to Setup Fantom Opera Wallet, Lucrative Staking APR’s

Hustlepedia is back today with a long overdue DeFi ecosystem overview, and today we deep dive into the projects on the Fantom Opera blockchain, as Fantom is building an extensive DeFi ecosystem underneath its layer one capabilities, and most of the Fantom ecosystem is undertraded and undervalued, due to all FTM projects being only on decentralized exchanges. Fantom announced this week that they are building a Fantom specific Binance Cloud exchange to trade Fantom Opera tokens on a centralized platform. When this goes live, these projects overall value, trading volumes and the buzz around them will be massively increased with less of a barrier to entry into investing in the ecosystem, as many retail or new investors will not go through the process of setting up Fantom Opera network and getting involved in the ecosystem until its offered somewhere more accessible and mainstream. Now is the time to take a look into the projects on Fantom Opera network, from DEX exchanges like SpookySwap and SpiritSwap, algorithmic stable coin TOMB, and its lucrative yield opportunities through TOMB-FTM and TSHARES, to defi liquidity and lending protocols such as SCREAM or GRIM, and NFT Wallet applications such as ArtWallet, there is tons of value across the whole Fantom ecosystem. We dive into my favorite upcoming projects on Fantom, as well as how to connect to Fantom Opera on your MetaMask, bridge tokens from ERC or BSC to the Fantom Opera network, and how to access a faucet to fund initial FTM gas liquidity into your wallet to start swapping Fantom tokens. This is hands down one of my favorite ecosystems across the entire blockchain, and will be keeping my eyes on it closely.

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0:00 Intro
1:27 Fantom Ecosystem Overview
2:37 How to Setup Fantom Opera Network
3:12 How to Bridge Tokens to Fantom Opera Wallet
3:34 How to Use a FTM Faucet for Starting FTM Gas Liquidity
4:57 SpookySwap
6:20 SpiritSwap
8:10 Tomb & TShares Explained (330% APR!!!)
11:38 Spell Token
12:58 SCREAM (DeFi Lending Protocol & NFT Drop)
14:57 Yoshi Exchange
16:01 ZooCoin
17:14 GRIM Finance
19:27 ArtWallet – NFT Wallet App Coming to iOS and Android
20:36 BONUS: FantomStarter
21:10 Summary & Why I’m Bullish on the Fantom Ecosystem



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  1. Fantom will have own exchange like Binance. This is huge. I don’t understand how this can be interpreted as bearish news. Dump away paper hands, I’ll keep farming and buying the whole ecosystem.

  2. Another solid video! Ive seen a little about Fantom but haven’t looked into it much. I love the deep dive content you provided!

  3. I just started getting into crypto and managed to get $FTM two weeks ago before its run. After coming across your video, I think its a sign for me to go even deeper than just $FTM. Thanks for the highly informative video.

    This might be a noob question, but would it be smarter to just go for the options with the highest APR? or are there other reasons I need to consider?

  4. I was just about to explore Fantom ecosystem, u read my mind. Thanks for this!

  5. I don’t think you have the slightest idea how good your channel is. I really hope you do know, and if you don’t, I am here to tell you: From content, to delivery, to relevance you are top notch. Thanks for distinguishing yourself.

  6. The upcoming Monstarrior game, the graphics are also quite nice. Have you heard about it yet?

  7. This is the second video 3rd video I’ve watched, and I’d have to say, you maybe a fast talker, but everything about the crypto network is fast!!! Thanks

  8. I’m in on Artwallet the team is amazing! BiG ETH and Metamask OG’s

  9. Yo! Bloktopia is going nuts!!! Please make a price perdition video on it!

  10. Bruh I’m at work and I keep fuckin up cause I can’t believe the alpha I’m hearing 😂
    SUPER bullish on Fantom

  11. Holy crap talk about making your money work for you… as always, this is a great video man

  12. Spiritswap is going to be a beast. Have a soft spot for Hyperjump and curious about the upcoming updates. Good video

  13. You got me into this shit bro and I couldn’t be more thankful ! My favourite person to watch and follow !

  14. i went to spooky but in order to get the ftm to help with the gas fee, it is saying i have to have been a member for 30+ days

  15. Your content is good, but your mouse is way too quick which is very distracting and detracting, and therefore your directions are hard to follow. You speak and move the pointer too fast!!!!!!!!

  16. We’re on a roll to the top✨ 🥁Its time to get your $TTK, stake them, and earn $CHI in return

  17. Man you bring it every time with great content. Thanks keep up the solid work.