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TOP STAKING FORKS! INSANE APYs (+80,000% to +1,000,000,000%+)

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Many have been asking for some of the top staking platforms (ohm forks) that are around right now. These are a mix of some that are talked about heavily and some that are more ‘trusted’.

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In this episode
– run through of different DAO’s
– staking & trust breakdown
– donating 1 dollar per link on this video (Sunday December 5th at 11PM EST it ends)

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  1. Thank you all for the support and wishes ahead of time for my pup <3 let's smash that like button for those donations in his honor!

  2. Sir i have exams coming up so i want to stake in a safe dao and forget for 1 month (don’t want to invest in Olympus cuz of fees) so what’s your opinion?

  3. Kinda expected PIDAO on yout overview… you briefly touched it on a previous video. It’s very interesting that they’re in Certik audit/certification process.

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss. Paws is a great organization: one of my best friend’s used to work for them and I used to donate yearly -thank you for reminding me to donate again! Thank you for your stellar content: your videos are all gems and I have been bingewatching them. Would love to see a demo on how to use multiple wallets-or I guess I can look it up, haha, but that was good advice!

  5. I’m sorry for your loss..😞 appreciate you taking time to put this content together… been learning a lot! Thank you so much!!

  6. they are all very good projects !! you need alternatively to stake and bond n order to win in this game theory ! we can all make it !!

  7. “I just love animals so much…” and “I’m going to donate to the Paws Foundation” – those two statements alone warrant a million likes. 🙌🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻

  8. Hello!
    What can Happen if I link my wallet? Like, can they just steal something from me or how?

  9. rest easy in doggy heaven < keep up the good content buddy jade protocol is in the 3bill apy atm its exploding

  10. One like up!

    Thanks, I’ve been looking into detail where and which staking platforms which I can take my few dollars and create gains and growth forward

    Keep up fantastic insightful content, enjoy watching it and hearing thoughts on DAO’s

  11. None of them have the team show their faces (except Time) and that’s what a scam looks like, good luck

  12. Thank you for the effort you put into your videos, love it! I wish you the best

  13. So sorry for your loss. I have been watching your videos for a couple months and really like your content. I am new to this arena, and have been trying to stake time off of your instructions, and can’t figure it out. My question is, what would be the best thing to stake over the next year. With a $5k investment. I really want to get into a strong project, but like I said I am a NUB and need help setting up this crazy thing. Thanks in advance

  14. Sorry to hear about your little furry family member passing. Thanks for the crypto update

  15. The reason anyone buys any of these tokens on the daos is to stake so obviously the staked percentage is going to be high on all of these. It’s a poor indicator of the future of the project.

  16. In Hector, Wonderland, and Jade for now, with small amounts I am comfortable to lose. Klima looks interesting, been looking for something on polygon

  17. Please review Clam otter Dao on the polygon chain and Nemesis Dao, sorry about your loss 🙏

  18. We lost our baby boy just over a week ago; nothing could have prepared me for the impact it has had. I forever lost a piece of my soul that day. I’d give you a million likes if I could.

  19. geez I went all in here,,, ohm, time, klima, hector, and invictus with OHM being my largest hold… hope this sector works out but almost out of principal soon…

  20. #DDL #DefiDegenLand …this one is rising to the moon silently 🚀 awesome tme to load up!

  21. Any idea how we make an OHM fork? I want to make one like Diatom DAO, but for animals or women who are expecting, or have babies and need financial support for their newborns.

  22. Nemesis Dao 60mil APY if you can survive a week or so you can 2x your position and run because there’s no way that Dao with an APY isn’t going to rug 😂😂

  23. man, I’m really sorry about your dog. I love animals too (and my pups)…anyways – thank you for your content on these. I’m in one you motioned you liked and I also was in another you mentioned but I was uncertain about these projects in general and decided to pull out (at least temporarily).

    As a contrarian view: do you know the best way to find out about these projects when they first come out?

  24. Some change in UX/UI for these forks would be FKN AWWEEZZUUMM : D , regardless of functionality were all in here for the beauty and the colors of all the interfaces arent we? It is important dammit!

    Thx for the wonderfewl content my man! Big ups from sunnyside up Costa Rica.

  25. yo the market cap is sometimes a solid blue line .. when u hover over it , it still shows .. :)

  26. Sorry for your loss bud! I’ve been through it also devastating! Know that they will forever be at your side. Great Content Dan! Could you look into PATH DAO, I’m new to the Whole staking DAOs, I have around $1000 to invest should I split it up into 5 different projects or maybe 2 projects at $500 each?

  27. Awwrr dude.. sorry for your loss. It’s such a tough thing to have to do, I feel for ya brother!

  28. Hi sir Aman from india
    Sir please tell me time wonderland
    Ohm. Kalima Dao everybody say use metamask for staking I want know for same staking I used truswallet or not?
    Thank you 🙏

  29. Hi man which it°s good to buy now end stake?wonderland it°s too down,klimaDao?if i buy hectorDao,metaversePro?

  30. EVERYTHING that you talked about has CRASHED totally. I mean, its as if they were paying you to promote them so that they can fool your followers with your help, and then run! Sad !