Transfer Crypto with Trust Wallet & Unstoppable Domains – Making Crypto Payments Simple

In this video, I show you how to easily transfer your crypto with the Trust Wallet and Unstoppable Domains. I demonstrate how to set up and connect a wallet in Unstoppable Domains, then how to easily send your crypto from Trust Wallet to your domain.

Trust Wallet’s 10 million wallet holders can now use all 10 Unstoppable Domain endings to transfer their crypto. Meaning they can replace long, complicated wallet addresses, with their own personal domain when sending or receiving cryptocurrencies.

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  1. Eish easier said than done 😣😣😣😣..i am struggling to learn this process

  2. Hi,

    I am subscribed to your channel [I live in the U.K.] and have used the information in many of your tutorials to amass some Crypto holdings [thanks].

    Can you tell me please if I can NOW [AGAIN] send / deposit GBP into my Binance account from my Bank account?
    [a month or so ago I sent some GBP from my Bank account, as I have done before to my Binance account, but the intermediary party that had normally carried-out the transaction passed from the bank – would not put the transaction through – to Binance].

    I know I can deposit money into my Binance account via a Visa Debit Card payment – but there are fees for this – where as the [already established and that I had used many times] depositing[s] from my Bank account – were free.


  3. It is worth mentioning that every time you add a crypto address to your Unstoppable domain you must confirm and pay a fee.

  4. Thank you for your videos, I really enjoy them, your style is to the point, brief, complete and paced just right. I have learned quite a few things from your videos!

    A question about domains: does this mean that anyone who knows my domain name also knows how much crypto I’m holding at that domain name? Is there a way to keep that information confidential?

  5. I bought a domain… only to realise the eth gas fees to add these address is 100 plus USD… even just adding top coin addresses only.

  6. I’m very new to the crypto sphere and this video is really helpful. Thanks for sharing! Question though after watching one of your other videos about hardware wallets: Does it adds flexibility if you use Trust Wallet in conjunction with a hardware wallet?
    Is it possible to have two wallets, one hardware wallet and one custodian-based (or defi) wallet, AND be able to synchronize between them?
    Thanks again to anyone for feedback 🙂.

  7. Thank you very kindly, Louise, for responding to my post in another video with a link to this video. Even though I already watched this video before, I understand it better now that I’ve learned more over the last few days. Thanks again🙂.

  8. Do you have to Use Etherium? If so do Etherium Fees Apply? What other forms in Coins translate to this App? Thank you