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Tuscan Holdings ($THCB) Microvast merger and Richard Branson’s SPAC VG Acquisition Corp ($VGAC) News

I am most definitely not a financial advisor but I realize that gamers need to hear how to be financially free! In this video I talk about two potentially hot SPACs – THCB and VGAC, with potential big news this week and next week.

Invest at your own risk and recognize that I am not a financial advisor. Any money you put into the stock market can be lost, only invest money that you are willing to lose and consult an advisor before doing so. Please be careful when investing!

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  1. Oh man! My cost basis is at 11.08 for THCB hoping to see $15, $20, or $30 price marks in the next weeks!!!!!!

  2. You should make a discord! Can talk to us more 1 on 1 and we can help eachother invest!

  3. There is no doubt. The extension is going through. THCB is 75% owned by institutions. Piece of cake.

  4. Hello! Great video, thanks for the update on both SPACs! Just subscribed, hope your channel blows up! I will look forward to your video later this morning :)

  5. Hey, great video! Do you know at what time is the meeting? I’m one hour above EST time.

  6. Just bought THCB this morning before the meeting to get in before that pop. I bought vgac last week when not a single youtuber was talking about it and to see you with similar picks mean we have similar ideologies. Great channel keep up the work.

  7. Your vouching for THCB is pushing me towards buying. Next dip in price=next buy

  8. I like the OG runescape gold picture, did you used to play? And great video btw im looking into this one for sure.

  9. 2 of my favourite picks. I’m bullish on these. Expect these to double pretty soon 🤑

  10. all banks and all markets will go to zero!. will your investment be there on the other side?. who knows…if you dont hold it you don’t own it!. good luck with that!.