Tutorial How to Join IDO on BSCPad

BCS Lunch pad is based on Binance smart Chain Network.

Please follow following steps involve in IDO

Step 1- Purchase BSCPAD from pancake swap

Step 2- Complete KYC ( you have to have at least 1000 BSCPAD to have KYC appear in your screen

Step 3-Stake your BSC Pad to chosen Tier

Step 4- Join Telegrams for any announcements with timing etc

Step 5- You will need to join Open porject to be included in the project

Step 6- Purchase BUSD from Pancakeswap to get involved into IDO

Step 7- Claim your token once allocated

Good luck

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  1. Really helpful mate…by the way with bronze and silver u have to complete the whitelist requirements.
    If so the how do I complete this..please explain

  2. Helow brother. Really appreciate,what is snap shot and lock time. Iam confused on later to sale and when we are allowed to share

  3. Please brother don’t be annoyed were are we going to found the bscpad is it inside our binance app or is a separate app and are we going to sign up into bscpad or we will be doing all this through browser

  4. Bro I have staked my bscpad on trustswap …should I TRF those bscpad to metamask to be eligible for allocation

  5. can i enter the ido with out staking 1000 coins? the second round is not part of the staking?

  6. Thanks for your help.. i am staking 1030 bscpad and metamask wallet balance now zero.. so should i buy first bspad or bnb or busd to participate in next IDO please comment

  7. thank you for the vdo. I follow and got platinum. but recieved only 21 dollar for Allocation

  8. Hey Man, Great video Thanks for that.
    How many BUSD(Do we need buy with this) and how much BNB we need in order to participate in a project

  9. i did the kyc on tron i know i have to wait up to 36 hours for it to be approved even though i got a email confirming my approved status. do i have to create a account on kyc aid at all for completion of kyc?

    also after staking my tronpad is there an additional form to fill out for whitelist

  10. How did you connect your wallet because my is not connecting is not evening showing

  11. Hi.. please, How many busd can I use for Ido token purchase if I stake 1,000 bscpad token?