ULTIMATE GUIDE: SUSHI Polygon Matic Yield Farming: FAST PROFIT! Decentralized Finance For Beginners!

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Avalanche is a platform for creating custom blockchain networks and decentralized applications (dApps). Created by Ava Labs, the Avalanche crypto platform is one of many projects seeking to unseat Ethereum as the blockchain ecosystem’s most widely utilized smart contract platform.

But how to Yield Farming on it? Let’s find our together!

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  1. Super helpful video, thanks. I have a yield farm on sushiswap that shows the apr around 120%, but if u hover cursor over question mark by APR, it lists 3% as reward and the rest as the “fee APR”. As I track the rewards that I’m able to harvest (sushi, matic) it’s right on track with the 3% APR. Where does the fee APR show up? Is it paid in liquidity tokens? These haven’t gone up either

  2. How often do you harvest your rewards? and what do you do after the rewards? Do you rebuy MATIC and re-do the process?

  3. Not a whole lot of help to the viewers after the video I see. Smh. I wanna get involved and idk why I already haven’t but I’m having a hard time understanding a few things