Update #3 of 3 Metahero Presenting Sponsor of the Richlist Abu Dhabi Race Weekend

🎙The Mother of Updates #3 of 3 incoming.

🎆 We promised fireworks in the final update of the this series, but we’re here to deliver a bomb instead.💣

Metahero will be taking over the the raceways on Yas Island ‘Yas Marina’ (Dec 10-12) as the presenting sponsor of the Rich List Abu Dhabi Race Weekend.🏎

On December 11th the first global proof of fusion event will be launching during the F1 in Abu Dhabi – and the Metahero brand will be seen from the stars. 🔥

The entertainment packed event will demonstrate the possibilities of Crypto and NFTs fusing with Sports and Entertainment – with a speaker lineup that has a reach in the multi-millions.

🔥🔥 Sacha Jafri, Akon, Rich Stromback, Carl Runefelt, Davinci Jeremie, Dr. Marwan Alzarouni, Oliver Webb, Lukas Rieger all will be sharing their thoughts and insights from the Rich List Terrace in W Abu Dhabi Yas Island, during the Formula One (F1) race weekend.

Rob and the Metahero team will be presenting our project to thousands, and the dome in the middle of the raceway will be entirely branded METAHERO throughout the entire event, and Abu Dhabi skies!

To make things even sweeter, we’ll be giving away VIP track side tickets (+$1000 in HERO) to 20 loyal HEROes! Stay tuned for the giveaway.

We are the gateway into the Metaverse.✊



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  1. There are crypto projects which hold no value and only create FOMO and then there is Metahero. This project will crush all other fake ones in the crypto space.

  2. I have 1 question rob if i sold the 22 november before you make all these annoncement and i buy back 10 000 Last week and since then i dont sale am OK for everdome ?

  3. I am so excited for this project to potentially save lives. I met so many kids who were suicidal who used gaming as way to escape the harsh realities in life. I can’t wait to practice youth couselling in the metaverse. Would metahero ever sponsor non-profit counselling organizations in the future?? That would change everything. So much potential!!!

  4. Great News 🤝
    Robert and his Team are Great ✊✊✊

    Beafore BitBoy talking about Metahero (the highest crypto influencer/expert)
    Now – Formuła 1 ! Best MARKETING!

    You are the Best guys!

    Good luck Rob and Mariusz ✌

    Pozdrawiam serdecznie 😉
    “Krokodyl” ✊✊✊😊💪✌
    Hodl! 💪🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀

  5. Blue Blocker, Hero himself fuses us with the latest teasers. Keep making those deals.

  6. Hey, love the videos, I’m confident that Defi Degen Land will become the next sandbox, definitely a 1000x coin♥️

  7. That’s great news!!!! I’m really excited on this whole project!!! I’m really going to try and get that 10k HERO by the 10th!!!

  8. I gotta say, Rob comes across as that classic sales, marketing man, those people who makes us quiet guys feel super uncomfortable and maybe even makes us think we are dumb lol But can’t deny what he is doing with $HERO and the community he is creating with this project. Marketing is a fundamental skill for success, if not one of the most important, and this guy knows how to do it! 👏👏👏

  9. hello guys am i too late to invest? and how much token should i buy (recommended)?


  11. Im sure the Hero Token has no future after they presenting everdome!

  12. Can you vlog what’s goin on in Adu Dahbi I have money invested in Metahero so I need to see what’s going on please and thank you

  13. If everything in everdome is paid with everdome than what is the point of metahero. What utility will it have

  14. I’ve never felt such conviction for a project I was lucky enough to be involved in before it took off. Can’t even explain how excited I am for MetaHero/Everdome and the great things I know you guys will accomplish. Proud to HODL this!

  15. Very cool project and 100% behind this. Building my stock every check! Keep it up!

  16. Can you tell me how many coins is one slot? If you want people to invest let’s be clear. Everdome

  17. Omg Rob… all those presents before christmas, i can’t believe it! Keep up the good work. I’m with you to the moon and beyond!

  18. So you quit porn and now you’re into the crypto currency. That’s good johnny 👏

  19. What time on the 10th was the snapshot taken? A lot of people in the telegram group have been being told all day that there would be an announcement about the snapshot which would mark the cut off point but that never came and then early morning on the 11th we started being told there would no longer be an announcement there was a change of plan and the snapshot could of been taken at midnight of the 9th / early morning on the 10th. Now a lot of people are left unsure if the have a spot on the whitelist or not and no way of finding out. Please help us out and either let us now what time the snapshot was taken GMT or let us see the whitelist. The amount of contradictory information being told to investors by mods in the telegram is extremely worrying though and should likely be addressed. I appreciate any help you can give there are a lot of us worried right now. 🚀 🌙

  20. I’ve watched all practice sessions and the quali and didnt see ‘meta hero’ spelled anywhere. What about this ‘sponsorship’ ?

  21. I’m in the USA and purchased over 10k of Hero token on December 10th around 9:00pm Eastern time ,do I qualify for Everdome pre-sale?? I would appreciate if you can give me some clarification.I plan to HODL forever.

  22. I would appreciate a small explanation in the next update about what we have to do regarding the everdome presale (being already eligible).

    Do we need to spend more money on the everdome token itself? Or do we get them “allocated” as you called it to our wallets (as an air drop)?

    Amazing project!

  23. You should be more constant and consistent on YouTube. Twitter is ok… but seeing you every day makes the community much much stronger and trusting.