URGENT NEWS: Wonderland 2.0 Proposal Out & BSGG Airdrop Update! | Daniele Honoring the Vote Results?

Time Wonderland – Daniele responded to the voting results. Wonderland 2.0 proposal is out and have an update on BSGG Airdrop. Check out this video for details.

Wonderland 2.0 Article:
Wonderland 2.0 proposal:
Vote here:

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  1. There is a new vote that Dani put in for 24 hours but has not advertised it.

  2. *I invested ☝️$600 with there platform and I receive $6,000 within 45min I really recommend there service is the best*

  3. I have problem with my memo. I have 1.657 memo and I tried to wrap it and received a message that “transaction reverted” and I tried to unstake and received a message that I have insufficient balance to unstake. I don’t know what is going on. Any help or can anyone help me?

  4. Interesting so the last minute whales still win as they will obviously cash out after buying under backing. I wonder how low the treasury will go after this

  5. More promises that Dani will find some reason not to honor. Still waiting on the BSGG airdrop from weeks ago. Dani is a scammer and Snake Oil Salesman

  6. Hi thank you for the video. What does Wonderland 2.0 entail for regular MEMO holders (NOT wMEMO)?

  7. Wonderland 2.0 as covered by various other prominent YouTubers state that the 2.0 proposal is from an unknown – not Dani. There has been a few different proposals from members – this isn’t the only one. Worth noting that this proposal would take 3 months to implement!

  8. 3 months is a good amount of time to wash their money and hands clean of their scam…

  9. That 2.0 proposal is garbage there are more simple solutions
    1st 20% into USDT stable staking
    2nd 20% into CRO staking – stable return plus equity increase
    3rd 15% into Avax staking – stable return plus equity increase
    4th End leverage completely
    5th End buy backs- let supply and demand determine W memo price
    6th start monthly burn of W memo to balance out inflation
    7th give long term holders the chance to take advantage of API rebases and W memo equity increase
    8th I would not end rebases since that’s what brought most frogs to the pond
    9th Have a fully Doxxed Trading team such as the Bastian group if they are legit and
    not con artist, There trades can be verified publicly, and they follow the frogs demands
    not do what they want then tell us tough shit

  10. Excellent vid as always.! Last news, Daniele will work in this project directly, great news for us holdlers!

  11. What about future money that wants to get in WL? If we stop trading how does new money come in?

  12. We wrapped our memo to wmemo for tax benefits of not beinging taxed each rebase as we would if staking.. Would we have the same opton? Short term captial gains each rebase are not ideal

  13. I voted no but I’m still out and never coming back to anything Dani touches. Can’t trust that guy

  14. This is not an official proposal. There doesn’t need to be a vote for people to leave, you can just sell.

  15. Give each holder the choice to leave? That’s stupid. Anyone can leave by selling their wmemo whenever they want. This sounds like another whale raid on the treasury.

  16. would not touch this protocol, one has a plan to continue and you cannot run a business on sentiment, And something posted by some unknown whatever they are is not a plan – it’s just a heap of bullshit. Until they come up with a plan to beat the whales – no point.

  17. Supposed the proposal goes through. If I bought TIME when it was $2500 and choose to opt out of this project, will I get back my money or will I still lose some percentage of my money?

  18. 30%fee ya that’s going to go well with people.. think about the coins in the past that have charged tax like that(safe moon).

  19. Step 1: Cut losses and take the L. Step 2: Use remaining funds to buy $TSLA Step 3: Hold for 5-15 years and dont touch it.

  20. I don’t get this. Why keep on creating new tokens? First there was Time, then wMEMO, and now comes gMemo. Why not just fix the problem with time and get it over with? I believe this is to confuse the hell out of most people. If you creates something, you can also fix it. Now it is not inflationary gMemo – come-on guys! Why can’t wMemo be upgraded to the non-inflationary level in Wonderland 2.0. Granted I don’t know how these things are done, but it sounds like a lot of bs to me. It is like these guys don’t have a clue what the hell they are doing.

  21. just sell your wonderland for god sake. it is a ponzhi scam … it is a sinking ship why u so bother about wonderland. once trust is gone , is gone forever .fuck it

  22. I am still confused about how much will be the pay out if we decide to move on. Can anyone explain if they can? Thank you.

  23. I think this was held off no? We’re past Jan 29th and I still have my MEMO.

  24. Hey! Thank you very much for the video! You are doing really great and helping us a lot!
    I am confused about wonderland 2.0. Does that mean if we stay in the wonderland, we will automatically move to wonderland 2.0?

  25. I can not access their discord it is loading and loading, I already made the verification few times, how I can access their discord 🥺

  26. I don’t get this proposal to give people the choice to stay or go. Everybody already has that choice. If you don’t believe in the project then just cash out and move on. Nobody is holding a gun to your head to make you stay. The only people this benefits are those who bought in at the bottom but want to cash out at the backing price netting them a tidy profit for a short term investment.

  27. I’m just glad I only lost 80%. Scam after scam with these guys, they already took snapshot, still no bsgg tokens were given out . Only thing wonderland accomplished is getting sifu and dani rich

  28. Daniele stole our money, why do you care what that asshole say?!? He should be in jail.

  29. I have a question. I still just hold my MEMO and am not planning to wrappe it anytime soon. Is there any disadvantage for my apart from the “tax advantage” ? As that would be kind of a pressure thing to get me into wrapping?