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USB Mining in 2022 litecoin dogecoin

USB hub link

-Amazon Affiliate link (use it to buy anything on amazon and it helps me out)

-Parallel Miner (mining accessories psu etc)

-Mining 6x Splitters


-Facebook group

Fixed Discord Link

GPU Clips and more 10% off




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USB Mining in 2022 litecoin dogecoin


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  1. Can I pleas have a picture of your bathroom? I`m normal in my head , Greetings from Psychiatric mental hospital :) I really want a picture of yor bathroom Brandon, pleas:)

  2. There has been very recent news of some USB miners hitting a block on BTC solo mining. That probably drove the price on all of these to the stupid level.

  3. Selling those bad boys would set a record for the best ROI of any usb miner haha

  4. Don’t blame you if you sell it. 🥂💵. But $200 for a USB miner damn. 😂

  5. It’s freezing here. I’m about 18 hours west of you. Just wait, cold 🥶 is on the way.
    Are ur USB’s on eBay yet lol.

  6. Awesome video, bro.. have you done a video on the self contained asic script miners for Doge n litecoin?

  7. Set them up to solo mine and just let them ride. If they hit, you get paid, if not, well you are not exactly out a lot of power.

  8. Great content. Just curios would it be profitable if you overclocked it?

  9. Good video as always!!! I was welling to give a try for 50, but for more than that, hell no… its like mining in a full blown bear market and hold your coins like forever until you hit the ROI :(

  10. There was a USB miner from butterfly labs I used a raspberry pi to run the miners.

  11. Lol I’ll be honest at this point in time I switched over to og phone farming again, making 40-50 a month with 2 phones and no device cap.

  12. I’m going to rip off design of one of these(controller firmware side mostly), then buy faulty hash board using same IC from a big ASIC miner, and probably could make one for $5
    I’m guessing all it is is just one ASIC chip, some <10W DC-DC converter, and budget uC to control the chip and interface with PC.

  13. If only you know what the future says, you’ll
    know that indeed cryptocurrency is the
    future, investing in it now will be the wisest
    thing to do. Hold! And you”ll thank yourself…..

  14. The reason the price jump was because there’s been a bunch of stories about solo miners using USB miners and winning blocks… Scalpers going to scalp ☹

  15. They don’t ☝️☝️ scam ❤️❤️❤️..

  16. You need to solo mine not in a pool. They call it lottery mining if you hit a block randomly then it will be worth it.

  17. You are the best thing that have ever happened to me..I am currently impressed with all you do and I can’t take your effort in my life for granted.

  18. Giving all praise to this team ☝️for bringing my life back up when I thought everything was gone,you will forever be remembered🎖🎖🎖

  19. Some one hit a block with one of these in Jan Thats why the price is so high i just sold mine with a usb hub for $ 520

  20. Fix the sound of the video its broken.
    Besides those usb miners wont profit ever.

  21. your generous heart abundantly!! ⬆️⬆️👆⬆️⬆️YOU ARE THE BEST…

  22. I ’ll never stop saying the good news about you sir because you change my life better after I lost my job thinking how to feed my family….

  23. Funny I just watched a video of these last week, saw someone with like 20 of em was solo n hit a block

  24. another 3BTC confirmed from this site ☝🏻☝🏻👊 thanks for making it real and legit 🤝🤝..

  25. This was really frickin cool man. I would love to see u mine other stuff with it. Crap man i wish i coulda got some of these before they went up lol

  26. Man i live in florida it was frickin 27 degrees last week. Warmer now thank god

  27. I have a couple of these USB asic miners, used to use them along with an R9290 to mine BTC on the OG , before real ASICs came along to kill off such BTC mining have been wondering if they can be used on any other sha-256/scrypt coins… maybe mining software can be updated to use them on those asic-resistant coins, where GPU and CPU power are required..

  28. and with power costing over .30 here, .56 on April, this kind of fun is out.

  29. HI,

    May i ask you, i have 6pcs p106-100 6gb.

    what coin good to mine now?