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In this video, I go over a crucial part of investing especially in speculative areas like crypto (market capitalization)

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  1. Warning? Uh Oh, thats a scary title 😳. I say stay focused on the long run and dont sell. Can’t be short sighted when investing in cryptocurrency.

  2. 💎 Join my Patreon for real-time updates on my portfolio including Cardano NFTs!! 👉 💎

    How To Stake Your ADA:
    ⚡ Stake Your ADA with my pool, Ticker: JACK
    |– Earn Passive ADA on your ADA while helping decentralize the network!

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  3. Hey jack I think that you should compare things which have the same nature. For instance compare dogecoin to hosky (meme coins) and ergo to avalanche (Blockchains). It makes more sense that way imo

  4. Dunno how much it makes sense to compare a meme coin market cap to a platform’s coin. Apples to oranges.

  5. I think most people understand the ‘value’ of memecoins. It’s usually a straight degen gambling move – and it can pay off.

    What’s much more difficult is to figure out the value of real projects. Price moves based on what people think something will be worth in the future. When we’re this new all of it is a little fuzzy tbh.

  6. You should take a look at the marketcap of Saitama, and all those other Shiba and Doge knockoff memecoins. You have to compare meme coins to meme coins and so forth, overall good video and you do have some valid points.

  7. Alot of metaverse coins are in the billions of marketcap so I’d say 100m is undervalue for pavia

  8. I thought liquid was over valued at 12 and then it giga pumped to 72 over a month. Sometimes the market is irrational

  9. It’s what people want to pay for it. You make a video talk a lot but not saying nothing 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  10. Hosky could get to 1B ada market cap easily. The meme has yet to blow up. Shiba reached $41B, doge twice that. Honestly I think it’s possible for it to reach $20B once cardano/ada starts to take off again.

  11. Same can be said about cardano. Is the valuation right? How many dapps running right now? 3 clunky dex and the chain already congested? And the goal operating system of the world? Dont get me wrong im a Cardano fan just keeping things real.

  12. Hey Jack, what do you think about Milk… 10 million tokens total supply..

    LQ has 21m (like btc)

    LQ has seen 75 ada per before coming back to 60~

    BTC could potentially see 100k

    MILK is like 4.5-5 ADA right now… I can’t imagine that having 10m tokens in total supply will remain at 4-5ADA each… I have this strange feeling MILK price is going to moon.

    Look how many people are satisfied with the Muesli experience…. just my 2 lovelaces.. curious to know your thoughts?

  13. Hello Jack, the muesliswap data that you use for your analysis is incorrect. For example, in the case of sundaeswap, the circulating supply is not 2,000,000,000, but they take it that way because they do not know it and that way they can determine the price.

    I understand your point about speculation, but what you’re doing has no basis in the data you provide.

    Congratulations for the channel. Greetings.

  14. Looking at market cap is a fools game, you are looking at the last trade*circulating supply, makes no sense with low volumes roflmao

  15. This is a great video, I learn alot watching your videos and it has been helpful to me. Trading and investing in crypto is quite difficult for newbies. Thanks to Mrs Christi Noren for improving my portfolio.
    keep up with the good videos

  16. Pavia is a metaverse with a lot of support.. The utility of owning a piece of the verse with being able to market youself and or products is extremely valuable.

  17. Jack, do you check your business email regularly? Just thought I’d mention there’s an email there for you, if you haven’t seen it.