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WazirX Biggest Update🔥Wazirx Burn update| Wazirx listing on KuCoin/Wazirx coin price predaction 2021

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WAZIRX Biggest Update🔥|| WazirX and BNB Pattern🤟🏻 Wazirx Price Prediction|| WazirX news today
Wazirx Burn Update🔥| Wazirx Price Prediction | WAZIRX Next Pump |Bitcoin Analysis Today | Bnb Pump🤟🏻
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Wazirx Burn update🔥| Wazirx Price Prediction | NCASH, CARDANO, XRP & Bitcoin Update Today | BTC Live
WazirX Biggest Update🔥Wazirx Burn update| Wazirx Price Prediction

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  1. Nice bhai…Lekin bht heavy selling ho rahi hai ab 155 se wapas 130 ke range me a gaya…Zyadatar Indians Wazir x coin hold krte h isliye ye aage nai badh paata…Ye log aadhe se zyada to jaldi sell kr dete hai chavvani bhar profits ke liye then wo coin badh nai pata…Zara bhi patience nai h Indians me ek 50 rs profit dikha inka selling shuru hua and hold to dur ki baat h…Wazir x kabi bhi inlogo ke wajeh se 400 cross nai kr payega…400 to dur ki baat 200 bhi muskil lag ra h aate hi sab selling kr denge and wapas 90 100s me a jayega

  2. Wagirx is not fully developed application and there are no required functionalities provided. Please just observe and experience other US based exchanges and at least zerodha application. They are just interested in fees, charges and commission. Why only mobilink? And why are you looting when other modes are preferred.