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We are Talking about KleeKai and Ikura with Adir and Mr. Diamondhandz1

We are Talking about KleeKai and Ikura with Adir and Mr. Diamondhandz1
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  1. I.missed live I’m watching now…very informative. Thnx captain 🙏

  2. Wow I missed the live too. It came up live so I clicked it. I was waiting on a live to become a member so that’s what I did. Then I realized I was watching the post after the live. I just wanted to see my name pop up as a member lol. Adam aka Captain Inu Iets goooo

  3. I’m half way and i havent heard any critical info on klee kai but motivational talk. I could see you dosing off and distracted from how much this guys talks hahah. Its cool and all motivation and stuff but for more mature investors kind of want to hear the sauce. At what time in the video does he speak more about the operation of klee kai and future plans etc. Is there a video of him speaking of that at all?

  4. I’m holding 7.5 trillion of Klee Kai. Let’s pray for this to be successful and wait for a year and let’s see what they can do with the project. Good luck to all investors.

  5. Subscribed to your channel.Thanks for all the knowledge. Question? How do I stake my crypto on Bscan or Ethscan.Also how so I cash out? Thanks.

    00:00 INTRO
    13:00 ADIR IAKYA story in crypto
    15:00 I´m here to help people in crypto
    18:00 We found an earn to play game, and we found HARMONY
    24:00 Are we late?
    27:00 Let´s take Klee to Harmony, but there are no analytics! IKURA creation.
    29:15 CoinMarketCap and Coingecko difference with IKURA.
    39:00 SEC is not that bad.
    52:00 We don´t look at charts, we care about deliverables.
    56:00 Your goals in a crypto project.
    1:08:00 We are not competing with Klee or Saitama.