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We could see another 10-15% downturn in Facebook stock, says Shannon Saccocia

Shannon Saccocia, Boston Private Wealth CIO, and Pete Najarian, co-founder, join ‘Halftime Report’ to discus their outlook on Facebook. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: 

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  1. Facebook is back up.
    Producers should re-edit the video in the YouTube studio ….LOL 😂😂🤣🤣

  2. “You don’t want to own the stock” 🤣 okay we’ll see you back on the show in a few months

  3. A lot of hedge funds were caught off guard with Facebook drops. Probably their positions were hitting the stop loss and now they are bitter and trying to hedge their losses against large short positions. So ignore these smart guys who were saying FB cheap when it was nearly hitting 400 bucks but now they want you to sell. I personally DCA and taking on long calls. But you do you 😅

  4. Facebook is undervalued and zuckerberg underestimated. This company will snap back violently this year. Dont be sad if you miss it.

  5. Everyone was buying FB last week. Apparently all of a sudden no one likes them. These “analysts” are just parrots repeating what they hear.

  6. this show is not watchable. these analysts are wishy washy, justify both up and downs using the same logic. They have been wrong for so long and so many times. They should get some humility

  7. 😂 This whole thing is nothing but gambling. Yo! The sports shows and the stock shows sound EXACTLY the same.

  8. Didn’t this clown Pete say right before FB earning that he has lots of faith in FB?

  9. Quit spying on your users and quit targeting normal people into the paranoia and promoting mass hysteria. People don’t want to support a company that manipulates people.

  10. Because their fact checking is so accurate and reliable.

    I barely use facebook anymore.

    When I post information from the CDC website and factcheckers flag it I am annoyed.

    They are just a propaganda tool.

    I hope they drop another 75 percent.

  11. It’s a PIG 🐖 it’s dysfunctional company squandering hemorrhaging money 💰 I sold this garbage 🗑 at 371 …had a sell stop 🛑re are too many other stocks to invest ..NWCER NEVER EVER NEVER invest in DECELERATING STOCKS = DEATH 💀…DRAINAGE …ITS A SIMPLE Rule #1 you invest IN ACCELERATING REVENUE STOCKS =Price appreciation…instead of sitting rationalizing that you mismanaged the stock..never fall in LOVE WITH DECELERATING STOCKS EVER

  12. Guys please keep bs ing FB stock so I can buy more and more every paycheque I get and as I sell my other stocks. Please keep it cheap so I can keep adding.

  13. Breaking news: it could happen or not. I am just here talking about stuff nobody can know but please continue watching

  14. I began buying VIAC , T, BBY and < T 2022. I picked up T at 22.40 average , BBY average is 99.40, VIAC average is 30.55. I have most of my capital in cash at this point, I’m up 78% so far on the year due to a good trade in BPT which got me up 60% in week and I’m out and clear on those gains. So 2022 is starting off a good year. MELI is another I have a good position in . I began buying at 33k and I have acquired 20 shares at a 33,400 average.I was able to raise over 18BTC in December from implementing trades with signals and insights from jack w Peterson

  15. My niece is 20 yrs old and says all her friends don’t use Facebook. They’re all on TikTok

  16. If you liked it at 330, you should love it at 230. Nothings changed about facebook.

  17. Before it was FAANG this, FAANG that, now these fools are jumping ship, put these people in jail, simple. If jail time is a threat, most of these analysts wouldn’t be recommending stocks just to fill their pockets.
    It is a statistical fact that the financial services have a higher rate of psychopaths compared to most industries. The government must stop the manipulation created by these people. Stop it now !
    Putting them in prison always works with the white collar types. The public is getting scammed by these people. DO SOMETHING NOW MR. POLITICIAN!

  18. A sentiment seller” …you guys made my day trough this show, thank you CNBC financials!

  19. the question I have for cnbc, who select panels. Most of them are manipulators , every time they try to justify something. You also losing credibility just like Bloomberg.

  20. Once Zuckerberg is convicted of treason, that money is forfeit to us….That’s our money going down the crapper.

  21. facebook should go into online and peer to peer payments, should have not backed out on libra

  22. Also: meta says it is forced to stop facebook in the EU if they cannot transfer data from EU users to the USA.
    And the EU privacy watchdog most probably will conclude the transfer is illegal!

  23. ELMS.. Down 53 % Week..* Dip Opportunity. EV Vans/ Trucks Assembled in USA. Electric Last Mile Solutions.

  24. FFIE..Up 12 % Week.. Faraday Future Artificial Intelligence Luxury 1,050 hp Zero gravity Seats SUV. July 2022 Production

  25. ALPP… Alpine 4 Holdings. 13 co’s in 1. EV Parts manuf/ Drone manuf/ Electronics manuf/ High tech Battery manuf.

  26. Up 50 % Month.. GULTU.. Natural Gas Dividend. Gulf Coast Ultra Deep Royalty Trust.

  27. Let FB trade the sample PE as GS, or cut share price by half. SNAP needs more quarters

  28. These guys have no idea what will happen to FB. Before earnings 46 put of 52 analysts had them beating earnings. They are full of it.

  29. What a manipulation!!. FB 400 will come. Trust in TRUTH…FB Q4 earning revenues/EPS were higher than Q3, Q2, Q1. I see divergence EPS/revenues growth vs stock price. FB should correct at least above 400-450 to be in line with valuation. Shorties and hedgies manipulation is always “short live” buying fake paid news> Always trust in truth of earning. FB keep growing exponentially even Fiscal year over FY, buy this huge discount.