SHIBA INU – Shib Token

We did it! Saitama Destroyed that Zero!

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  1. Love your channel Adam. Your exuberance and positive outlook is inspiring. Keep pumping out your videos…you are changing lives with the information you are sharing.💕

  2. Do you have a video on tips on how to select a micro crypto? I would like to learn how to select a good penny project. Thanks

  3. Adam please check on this token (Uzumaki INU) and let me know your thought on it. thank you

  4. I just got in this weekend and I’m up $200 and hopefully it goes up another 1000% someday

  5. Thanks Captain Adam. I got into Saitama by following you and watching your videos with the Captain’s spreadsheet. Really made the decision to buy in that much more easy. Reflections was the icing on the cake.

  6. How do we get free Ryoshi vision token ?? Please share clearly as the previous video is not clear enough. Greatly appreciate for your efforts. 🙏🙏

  7. Where do the Ryoshi Tokens you earn go because I don’t see them in my wallet?

  8. DUDE! WOLVERINU IS AMAZING MAN! Such a good time to get in. (I wrote the Whitepaper)

  9. I just picked up 18 trillion Wolverinu tokens. Can’t wait to see the project happen like their white paper says. Definitely cant wait for the comic book.

  10. How many zeros do you think saitama is going take off?, and do you think its going to do what shiba inu did?

  11. Hi Adam,can you do a video on keeping your crypto safe,lots of new people coming into the space and scammers are waiting 😪😪

  12. Thanks for explaining the project…I only have 4 billion…spent 89 bucks…Let’s keep it rolling my friend!

  13. Hey Adam my friend how’s things going?
    Rjuss stated that we should hit a 100 billion market cap next year !!!
    How many Zeros would that leave us?
    Thanks mate

  14. Wolfpack family sending love from New Jersey homeschool community

  15. Adam, can you do another video on Klee Kai? It’s going down hard. What’s your opinion? Thank you.

  16. I’m new to the family but I’m amazed with the utility and tokenomics!