Axie Infinity – AXS Token

What is Axie Infinity? SLP + AXS explained with Animations

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular Play-to-earn NFT games out there. In this video we discuss how it works (including smooth love potion and axie shards) and why it has gained a ton of popularity recently.

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  1. Don’t fall for anyone impersonating me in the comments below. Also don’t fall for a chain of people talking about their ‘mentor’. Both are scams and they’re trying to take your money. Thanks for watching and let me know what you thought of this :D

  2. Can you make a video about pocmon? They have the original pokemon song singer on Board. Maybe worth giving it a look.

  3. Why CISLA???
    1. CISLA is Decentralized
    2. CISLA will make HISTORY.
    3. You will become a co-owner of CRYPTO ISLAND itself.

    Now listed in LBANK

  4. The animation style really doesn’t matter to me. You guys do a fantastic job of delivering the information! Thanks 🙏🏽

  5. This new style is very much better than the previous whiteboard doodle style.

  6. You really didn’t do great research into Axie to make this video. Missed so many key factors and got the make your money back part very wrong.

  7. I might be dumb but from the bigger picture, gaming with blockchain tech is still early days, and it ultimately comes down to the play-ability of it, just like any other game.

    projects like AXIE is just demonstrating to the big gaming companies what they can do next, and I’m waiting to see the fireworks.

  8. Some pretty cool stuff. I like tiny dragons and frost fi heroes better though. They’re still developing though.

  9. Someone I know started playing early this year and made over 200k from a 2k initial. Is it too late to get in?

  10. Surely this game is pay to win if you dont have a lot money your going to have the worst traits and will never win?

  11. I’d like to disagree on the not-an-investment part. It’s actually a relatively safe, albeit slow, investment. If you own the axies and play yourself, you can make back your investment in at least a month if you don’t suck ass at playing, and spend about 2-3 hours a day. If you don’t have time to play, you can get a scholar and split the income, usually 30-70 or 40-60. There’s a lot, and I MEAN A LOT, of scholars, but nowhere near enough sponsors (investors), so you can have your pick of scholars to play for you.

    My only gripe with the game is the high barrier of entry for investors. It was also pretty difficult to set up and buy our first axie NFTs, but that’s probably because it’s our first time, and it’s been worth it so far. If they can simplify this process, and maybe provide cheaper options, I’m willing to bet the game is gonna explode in popularity even more. (It’s already pretty popular in SE Asia)

  12. Hi! Great video!

    Could you make one about Oasis Network and ROSE?

    Thx in advance

  13. I was about to get into this game a few months back then I saw week after week slp dropped from 30cents to now round 6 cents.

  14. Another Great Video – Would you please do a video on NEO aka The Chinese Ethereum cryptocurrency and the benefits of GAS which is produced automatically from NEO tokens. @Whiteboard Crypto

  15. What does decentralization add to the gaming experienece? So MAYBE its not a ponzie scheme, but why does it exist in a blockchain? It olny makes a game slower and more expensive. Also, how do the devs get revenue, why would they keep making the game better? Its either a ponzie scheme or the tokens will be super inflationary

  16. The new animation style is great, but I prefer the simplicity of the previous style.

  17. Hey bro, can you make a video about Katana Dex of sky mavis? I know many people who still not understand the Dex…

  18. I started on July 2021. Now I attained ROI this last week of october. ROI+ axie team worth, yeah axie team can be sold via Marketplace to get back your first investment. So next cut off is just a bonus for me. I get $440 per month. You may also upgrade your axie team by selling your earnings and get better axie.

    If you’re wondering how much time I spend everyday playing, its just 1 hour to 2hrs max. Good luck! ;)

  19. I like the new animation, but I prefer the older one. In my opinion it was easier to understand and visualize everything

  20. I appreciate the new animation style! It’s so cute. Also, thank you for creating amazing videos that are easy to understand!

  21. This is one of the cutest videos in general I’ve seen in such a long time 😀

  22. Definitely the previous style.
    I have watched about half of your 97 videos, mostly random order, but watched all of the most recent eight.

  23. I think is a pyramid they pay because more and more people are paying 1000 dollars to start ,the day another game replace it ,are infinite is not going to have more money to pay their slp.they are going to disappear with millions $$

  24. can you please make a video on DOGE Coin and facts related to it being a ponzi scheme? It’s a major coin and I’m a bit surprised you haven’t covered it among all your awesome content.

  25. Also, I understand you are an education channel and primarily focus on explaining aspects of the crypto world. But I think your viewers might benefit on “how-to” videos, such as “How to move your money around between exchanges and wallets or even Decentralized exchanges or navigating the token worlds of certain coins themselves such as Fantom and others. I personally think this is a major learning curb keeping people away from crypto and the more people we have navigating this infant world the better. Even if you decide to keep them separately on another channel, as I would personally love to see more about them and nominate you as the best channel to do so haha. Thanks

  26. you got a few details wrong there mate!
    1.) There is no axie trading right now (can only buy and sell in the marketplace), players can send each others their axie to trade but you run the risk of being scammed if the other player does not send his axie
    2.) SLP can only be burned thru breeding. The land items that you showed are listed in the marketplace in terms of WETH.
    3.) There are 9 classes in axie infinity (rep,plant,aqua etc.) not fire water etc…
    4.) the best axies aren’t 10,000USD above, those are just collectible rare axies that are not really useful in battle. best battle axies are usually around 0.2weth

    love your videos keep them up!

  27. I just subscribed, pls can you do a video to make just $5 a day via binance. Thanks in advance