Polygon – MATIC Token

What is MATIC (Polygon)? MATIC Coin & Polygon dApps Quickswap Explained (Part 2)

What is MATIC coin? MATIC coin is the native cryptocurrency token of the Polygon network (formerly known as MATIC network). Learn all about the use cases of the Polygon MATIC coin and get to know some cool DeFi dApps or decentralized applications that are being built on the Polygon network such as Quickswap, Easyfi and Dfyn that let you swap or stake MATIC tokens and earn yield on your MATIC crypto!

00:00 Intro
00:17 Matic Staking on Ethereum
00:47 Matic use cases
01:18 Polygon Dapp ecosystem
03:25 Polygon Network

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What is MATIC (Polygon)? MATIC Coin & Polygon dApps Quickswap Explained (Part 2) with Layah Heilpern


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