Polygon – MATIC Token

What is Polygon? MATIC coin & Should you BUY It?

Wondering whats so special about Polygon crypto?

In this video I explain what Polygon crypto is all about and how to buy MATIC coin. I discuss some Polygon history, future predictions on the crypto and why it is expected to perform really well as a crypto platform project.

Safest Crypto Exchange – https://bit.ly/3tud96t

0:00 – Intro & Overview
0:28 – Coin Market Cap
0:45 – What is Polygon?
3:14 – How does Polygon work?
5:01 – About MATIC Token
6:00 – MATIC Coin Features
7:19 – How to BUY MATIC?
7:58 – Should you BUY Polygon MATIC crypto?
7:54 – Outro

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  1. This is the only thing that doesn’t seem to get wiped out by the ongoing bitcoin drop and instability. $MATIC has proven itself during this dip and will continue it’s stability. I’m 100% in on it until the crash ends, but going to keep 50% in it as I dive back onto $GALA before they drop their next game in the next few days and before their huge show in Las Vegas on the 11th to pick up some crazy gains.