What is Sommelier Finance?! | SOMM Airdrop to Osmosis Liquidity Providers Explained!!

00:00 Sommelier Finance Airdrop
00:39 What is Sommelier Finance?
01:40 Sommelier Application
02:00 Sommelier Founders
02:36 Investors in Sommelier
03:14 SOMM Airdrop on Osmosis
04:17 Snapshot Date
04:54 Airdrop Distribution
05:42 Which OSMO Pools were Eligible
06:21 SOMM Token Distribution
07:41 Sommelier Block Explorer
08:43 Final Thoughts on SOMM

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  1. IMPORTANT: Beware of scammers in the comment section imitating the Confident in Crypto account! DO NOT engage with these scammers – I will never ask you to email, text, call, DM or ask for investments, seed phrases or personal information

    Also apologies for the sound quality on the tutorial recording, hope it isn’t too unpleasant!

    Stay vigilant.

  2. The token distribution doesn’t look very good at first glance but it was free so 🤷‍♂️

  3. I can’t understand the number of view vs the number of likes I don’t always write comment but I like your video and thank you for making them!

  4. Thanks Liam! I’m a little confused tho – The tokens have already been dropped into my “wallet” on Osmosis, but you also said that we have until March 31st to “Claim” the tokens. Do I need to do anything at this point?

  5. Thank you for the update Liam. Any info is good info as we are all learning.
    Any free Cosmos crypto, especially from the OGs is great crypto, just be patient.
    Cheers 👍

  6. Nice vid! So the pool (SOMM / OSMO) doesn’t quite give rewards as far as I can see?

  7. Good video! Thank you
    Do you know when the pool osmo/some start earning rewards?
    And what is the program of apr and external bonus?

  8. I came out looking for cooper and found gold. Thanks, Liam! Pretty good content!

  9. It was unfortunate that I wasn’t able to discover cosmotation early. I missed a lot of airdrop.

  10. Hey Liam, off-topic but could we get some thoughts on XPRT and it’s long consolidation process? I think it’s a gem but the price just keeps going down! Thanks

  11. i just opened osmosis today and saw about $400 bucks of Sommelier just sitting in it. Holy smokes! this is my first airdrop ever and i didn’t realize it would be this big! idk if i should hold on to it or sell?

  12. Stellar and informative video as always Liam! Thanks for all the work you put into what you do for crypto, and for the cosmos ecosystem in particular!