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What to Expect in Feb! Bitcoin ETH SOL ALGO Phantom FTX and who NOT to listen to

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The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

00:00 Introduction
00:48 Bitcoin Bear Bull Tug of War Continues
01:44 Bitcoin February Returns
03:00 Nayib Expects #Gigantic BTC Price Jump
04:10 Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou from JP Morgan
05:30 Listen to Smart People – No Crypto Winter Ahead
06:34 FTX Also Had a Huge Raise
07:13 Whales 1000 BTC Stacking Hard This Week
08:11 Bitcoin Range for 2022 – per Forrest Przybysz
09:40 Follow the Money – Bitcoin Wins the Week
11:08 Ethereum Range for 2022
12:23 Visa Crypto Transactions Skyrocketing
13:00 Phenomenal Phantom Raise
13:40 What the VC’s See
14:33 Phantom Also Launched Mobile Version Today
14:47 Poor Motley Fool – ALGO is SOL of 2022
15:38 ALGO Chart is Where it was a Year Ago
16:19 Dot-com Billionaire to Shitcoin Aficionado
17:35 Market has fully priced in two hikes by May
18:17 Dip Buying Works
19:24 Confirmation 60/40 Portfolio Is Dead
21:20 And in FIAT Money Laundering News


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  1. ROLL up Roll up Follow the SMART people – this is where YOU need to be!!!

  2. Great and knowledgeable as always. Thank You James and InvestAnswers team!

  3. Your algorand analysis is 1 year old. You have really old info on it. Also I think you have political bias with scaramucci. Also son’s chain has gone down like 6 times already and Algo has never gone down.

  4. Thank you James. Thank you so much. Working 70-80 hrs a week , still trying to find a half an hour at night to watch your videos daily. Otherwise I am just pulled back in terms of having adequate updates and understanding of the situation.

  5. You’ve been a huge help to me in deciding which cryto to purchase. Thank you 😊

  6. Hi James, thank you for an awesome vid again. Would like a another retire on …….. (your top possibility besides BTC Eth and sol) thanks

  7. *MTS* token METASTRIKE AAA blockchain shootup game. Currently *MTS* flying what do you think -Will this game be a hit like Axie

  8. The current 60/40 portfolio is where they can lose 60% of your money 40% faster than you can (if you don’t invest in (quality) crypto).

  9. Can you give us your list of the coins that are where they were at a year ago and your prediction of doubling or trippling?

  10. Btc is going to 20k don’t buy until we see low 20’s!!! Michael sailor is cool and great but why is he such a public figure now.. I can tell you why!!! Because on dump days he tweets that he’s buying. To get his followers to buy.. he gets paid a lot to buy btc knowing it’s going down. He gets the asset and paid on the side to exceed any losses!

  11. Stella information and content – thanks James keep up the excellent analysis and work!

  12. India just declared it will not ban cryptocurrency. There will be 30% tax on gains.

  13. 14:29 I think I missed something Fantom Launched the Mobile Version of what ?

  14. Finally… thanks for calling out the cowards for making predictions with no substance… and then changing their mind on a whim! You are the best!

  15. How’s 0.05% reported as less than 1% while factually correct less than 0.1% would have made more sense as a headline! Pretty misleading reminds me of the history of Pi when the French rounded it to 4!

  16. Mainstream financial press crypto articles are usually the equivalent of “old man yells at cloud”.

  17. James never apologise for throat tickles, your content is Fantastic! and this trumps any spontaneous bodily functions you might make 🚀👏🏻🤘🏻

  18. subscribed!! , thanks… i’m going all in on bitcoin now… no matter what happen , bitcoin will hit ath again…

  19. James. I apologise for public comment but Frog in your throat bothers me. It may be caused by pepsin and acid reaching your throat from a condition called silent reflux. Please get checked out. Easy to fix. Dave. Pharmacist.

  20. But what if all btc lands in the pockets of millionairs, billionaires and other big players?

  21. All these comments are just everyone thanking him. It’s like no one can criticize him. This is a dangerous channel

  22. Banksters from JP Morgan are the worst! They are manipulating all of the markets with their “reports” anyway it suits them.

  23. Ohm is still active what’s so bad about it bad up for a year ? Lost some value but apr still over 900 percent

  24. James. you give us so much. Please take care of your health, I think you need a few days off and a sauna/steam. I hear “dont we all” but its an order. Haha. I have to confess I sold off the rest of my SOL today, probably a decision I may regret but hope to get back in at a lower price. I felt like a was betraying you when i did it. I put the BUSD into LUNA, NEAR, BTC. Id love to hear your breakdown of NEAR, Im a big fan. I havent abandoned SOL but my PF is back to the amount I put in almost exactly 1 year ago. Lastly, Id love to hear your ideas about LUNA as a hedge to due to UST accumulation/LUNA spending and staking… I know youve dicussed it briefly. Cheers, please get some herbs (crush some lemon grass and boil it for a full 10 minutes beforehand, important step)and take a steam inhalation, even with a towel and saucepan, it really works (coming from someone famous for chest colds across guatemala, vietnam and australia

  25. boil lemongrass crushed and bolied in water for a full 10 minutes, inhale, towel.

  26. Hi James! Thanks for all the amazing work you do. Is Solana still a buy and hodl? I want to add some more in this dip!

  27. Thx James! I have one thing that I want clarity on…re btc price, if buyers buy on exchanges, the btc price will rise. If mainstream finance/whales buy ‘over the counter’, it’s not registered through the exchanges therefore, the price doesn’t rise(in other words, it’s one way that the btc price is suppressed)- is this correct?

  28. Sam Bankman Fried was also the #1 (or #2) financial supporter of Joe Biden. So no…. he’s not as smart as you think.