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What Vitalik Buterin Just Said About Shiba Inu And Why We Should All Pay Attention

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The founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin has spoken about his Shiba Inu coin dump. Since most of these new cryptocurrencies are made on top of Ethereum, almost all the creators of these new coins are sending Vitalik large number of coins/tokens to his wallet address as a sign of gratitude. This happened very recently when he was gifted 50% of all SHIB coins, this might sound very generous but having a large amount especially 50% of all the supply will make that person the biggest crypto whale which will also lead to significant price fluctuation based on the action of the person holding half of the token supply. The shiba inu coin price drop drastically after Vitalik gaveway bilions worth of SHIB tokens for charity. This action had mixed reactions, and Buterin has finally spoken out about this. Let’s see what he said about Shiba Inu coin.
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  1. SHIB is a Marathon.. I believe it has high potential.. Vitalic himself said the people behind SHIB are not stupid and try to fly under the Radar..