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  1. I heard 100 billion was a good amount to hold of saitama but some of the other tokens I haven’t heard of

  2. Most people don’t understand the concept of “buying the dip” buying the dip is all about buying digital assets when their prices are down and selling off when the price rises. Holding is profitable, although trading is far more profitable. I was able to grasp the knowledge of trading crypto assets early enough, but i was still limited due to my lack of technical understanding of how to analyse the digital market, all that changed when i encountered Todd Carey services., although i have been into numerous services but Mr Todd Carey stands out with experience and expertise playing in his favour. I must confess it wasn’t an easy task to learning the routes on trading but with the assistance of Todd it was more easier to understand You can reach him on ͲeIєɠɾαm👉Toddcarey

  3. And, yet, no matter how many times or how many different things I try, Saitamask still doesn’t work at all for me.

  4. Thought saitamask was a wallet.. Ive transfered couple billions from my metamask to my saitamask address .. there were lost.. any insight

  5. Why doesn’t there useless wallet ever work
    Error 401
    Error 401
    Nearly given up on Saitama probably going to shinja

  6. Keep price down y’all and load up rn while you can! I want it to stay low till my taxes come in because imma drop like another grand or two in it if it’s still holding around 20s 30s lol this is ganna be too easy y’all let’s go #SaitamaGang !