Today we get into my value proposition for the Omi token and why I believe with high confidence that Omi token will hit $1 within 5 years. The strongest argument is the deflationary aspect of the Omi token. David Yu recently stated that Veve will make “over a billion dollars” in 2022. If this is the case and the price of Omi stays the same, the Veve reserve and vault wallet will be consumed within 2 years. This would force Ecomi to buy back tokens in the circulating supply.

Knowing this fact, we know the value of Omi has to steadily rise with time. Buy back have not been canceled they have been postponed and will be used “as needed” according to David Yu. These buy backs as well as the incredible success of the Veve app will force price appreciation of the Omi token. Knowing this, I continue to buy the Omi token and plan to set myself up for future financial success.

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DISCLAIMER- I am not a financial advisor, representative, or consultant. The views expressed in this video are my own. This video is solely for entertainment and educational purposes. Please do your own research and consult with a professional prior to taking any investment.

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  1. What am i missing… how will They make profit if they have to buy back so much omi for a higher Price? Wehere is this money coming from?

  2. Has Ecomi been on record of saying they plan on listing Omi token on some of the big exchanges? Or is it just speculation from us investors

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  20. If they’re waiting a while for buy back, is the burn calculated from moment to moment or when they buyback. If the price is high later would that mean less is burned. I think it smart contract based so moment to moment.

  21. I truly don’t believe these crazy $10 omi predictions I’ve seen in the past 6 months as it goes against everything I’ve learnt about economics, however 0.50-$1 seems a lot more realistic after watching this.

  22. Please explain how this Mc is 4 billion lol it was under 1b like a month ago but price stayed the same

  23. Awesome video! Hit the nail on the head. I think OMI/VeVe will be huge

  24. Coming from dogecoin community I will always remember videos being made about dogecoin to 10 cents in two years, dogecoin to 30 cents in 5 years, dogecoin to 50 cents in 20 years. Last year dogecoin went to 72 cents. I see the same thing happening to OMI

  25. Isn’t buying back an asset illegal for that company to do. I could see them putting a percentage of omi from raffles or accessory purchases towards topping up the reserve supply if it runs low.

  26. All you content creators need to make a video about wrongfully banned people at the same time or you dont deserve the community’s respect. Some people are in pain. Dislikes until it happens.

  27. the more it burns .. the more it rises.. whats another stable coin we can look to for an example?… Terra Luna Coin.. is a good example of what this coin can do… This coin will be burning like crazy soon. “Terra Luna coin” is also a stable coin like omi and look at it now..

  28. @5:45 it is starting to affect supply VEVE will definitely be buying back OMI to sustain their reserve

  29. Thanks for the analysis. After all the burns, what do you think the circulating supply would be when OMI hits $1.00?

  30. So my baseline understanding is that they are swapping from OMI to ETH as the platform for Veve and mutableX is talking about needing to convert OMI to ETH in the platform so is OMI vanishing ? I am confused 🤔

  31. I enjoy and appreciate your content.,but that background music has gotta go.