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Why I Left Youtube

this is why


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  1. What u sad for everything that go up must com down once it com down when it go back up it will be higher

  2. You do what is right for you dude! You don’t owe the world anything. But thanks for what you have shared.

  3. The Crypto space is becoming toxic. People are treating these coins as almost a cult. It is only an investment. Nothing more. The “community” is nothing. Stop making what coin you hold a defining part of your life. It is only an investment, nothing more.

  4. Better days are coming, we’re gonna have our day and it’s going to be epic!

  5. do not apologize or appease these haters.. Be an ALPHA, you don’t owe these people SHIT. You’re not a Traitor, you’re a Trader of Crypto and other things.

  6. Things can only get better brother you went threw the forest like a lot of us but you are still the most true and Honest always can trust you go doge it’s going to be the good peoples coin do only good every day

  7. My biggest mistake as a rookie was not taking profits on the way up with doge coin. As I learned more and more about crypto and with taking profits there is that saying “buy the rumor and sell the news” that’s when it dawned on me my mistake I made when doge hit .72 cents I should of taken some profits.

  8. First time watching! Thanks for your honesty. Just be yourself and don’t worry about what people say. Judgmental people put Jesus on the cross. God bless you!

  9. Weird.. I got kidney stones recently too.. and also became allergic to apples and berries after having Roni.. wth, kidney stone was extremely painful..

  10. Thanks for the video! I love the openness and positive vibes all around. While market goes down, it’ll go back up eventually as per original design. All the best and wish you good health both physically and mentally!

  11. I am also heavily invested into doge. Would love to meet you one day and celebrate doge :)) together

  12. Bro do,share and talk about whatever you feel like! Don’t think about the audience too much. Just be honest ans transparent like you planned. That brings you followers who really like your content and let those leave who don’t period!

  13. Very well-spoken there good sir. I support you regardless and can certainly relate too. I do as you do with Dogecoin and Shiba Inu and…you can easily imagine the flack I get for it, because we’ve lived it. Just HODL ‘n’ and buyin’ those dips. It’s going beyond the moon, but it’s going to take some time, so keep the faith and stay strong my brother. 😉👍🏽

  14. Love everything you said bro. Super happy to have you in the ⭕️mi family.

  15. he could’ve been a multimillionaire from nothing and used those earnings to become even richer but he didn’t lol

  16. Anyone invested in Doge is asking for trouble.
    It is a Scamcoin.

    And this guy seriously needs a Haircut.
    He looks like a Muppet.

  17. u entered the YouTube world wrong on this end! if u want to change directions & talk about everything now start by changing ur name or they will always remember you for how u came into this realm & not how u feel now! & delete the dumb troll bot that will reply to me with their whats app

  18. i am surprise how fast you manage to go back on your feet stronger, you are a fighter, keep it up.

  19. People are so attached to their investments that all they want to hear and watch are videos talking good about their investments so it can keep going up

  20. I appreciate YOU. So stay True to You and yes always do research on projects that wants you to promote – Great move to Vegas.

  21. No one is perfect .. and you’ve done a great job juggling your many roles .. there’s a room for improvement in all of us

  22. Bro, you got 100k subscribers on YT, you’re getting a new house in Vegas, you SAVE and INVEST so much, and you’re gonna be in a documentary soon. Not to mention a portfolio that’s still in the 6 figures. You’re a success in my eyes.

  23. Yeah, mistakes, I’m one who made many behind the scene myself. What I learned is set a goal & when your coin hits it sell, at least get back initial investment. Everything I’ve bought, except Doge is down 35-75%. Sucks, but I knew the risk.

  24. Buddy don’t forget to stake your ADA in a pool God Bless You…continue to be true to yourself…

  25. On one hand I feel bad for him. On the other hand he went all in yet again on floki which is just getting greedy. It’s a boom or bust play and in no way a solid investment. I agree doge with the following will likely be around for a long time. Not the rest of the shot coins

  26. We all completely understand you because we all go through the same!! It is important to understand that even if one is positive it is inevitable to experience sadness (or even depression) when the value is low

  27. You are entertaining af bro …!!!!!!!
    Floki-Pochi-Zombi inu let’s goooo

  28. Your honesty and openess is part of your appeal. 😊 As for the disgruntled viewers, they are always going to be. No matter your channel, topic, or media. It’s your channel at the end of the day and you should enjoy what you’re doing and be able to keep it real. 😄 I’m glad you’re feeling better! Best of luck in all that you do this year! 🤞😊✌🍀

  29. Love all your honesty bro, been subscribed since day one 365 days ago!! I am very safe with investing but I like how you’ve moved through your journey and the lessons your learning 😊