Cardano – Ada Coin

Why I LOVE ADA & My 10-Year $20 Cardano Price Prediction!

I’ll admit it. I AM an ADA fanboy. #ADAGang.


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  1. People will be kicking themselves in regret in few weeks, if they miss the opportunity to invest now

  2. I could never understant dat Afrika could not get a system forre banking en license wel Mstr charles is the man dat dit it

  3. I love buying cardano at a dollar.

    I’m gonna be RICH, and the world will be better for it!

    Win/ Win

  4. Great information thanks…cardano is not for price.. this is here for change the world 🌎..

  5. i wish you guys would just cut out all the price predictions… it messes with peoples minds…

  6. Cardano is loved by you community members because of Charles Hoskinson, a great roadmap, white paper but it has not provided real value to Crypto. All you fanboys are so funny and believe in a project with a statement but no major developments to fulfil it’s promises. Here is what you need to know, talking big game does not equal great results. Cardano has done well promoting itself as one that wants to bank the world but yet, no results to speak for. How does a rigorous peer reviewed block chain come up with the Bitcoin interphase? Wink, wink slow and congested.

  7. How does a peer reviewed and scientifically researched blockchain fail to recognize that current cheap fees and using the first come, first serve system puts one at a high risk of spamming? Wink wink, if you a spammer show them what you got!

  8. Not to offend anyone. It I don’t understand this obsession with a particular coin. Why would anyone be interested now, in a coin that dropped so much . Yeah when it turns bullish I might buy it, but why? There are so many other interesting projects profitable now. Why Ada ?

  9. ADA is the same scam as the other scams in Crypto … they for some reason just have a crazy fanboy club … it’s like the Dallas Cowboys… they are such a disappointing team but everybody loves them for some odd reason …

  10. cardano $2 by 2050 🤣, cardano marketing is the only thing its got going for it. Charlatan Charles plays on peoples good will to get rich.

  11. Astrophysics to shilling crypto on YouTube
    Probably a wise choice actually lol

  12. Im glad that you’re part of the community now Jebb. You’ve seen the things what most of us see in Cardano. Thats why you have a solid community. A bunch of people who believe in a set of principles that there is still hope and that anyone can make a difference in this world by becoming financially independent while supporting projects that help solve the problems of this world. I know that youre still young but the wisdom that you have is far more greater than most of 50 year olds. You have my support.

  13. Love it!!! What every you make happen for others. God will make happen for you.

  14. Your spot on about to many people that measure a crypto’s success with its price. No matter the issues or the theft as long as the VC’’s hold and the price goes up. The project is looked at being a success. The blockchain can shut down and the same day the price goes up because of obvious manipulation and this is a great success.

  15. let’s be real clear…nobody in this space wants to help anybody before first getting rich themselves…very easy to say you’re a “man of the people” once you’re already sitting on your pedestal

  16. I agree with you and CH, look at other blockchain how many times will break down what a shame, 🤡🤡🤡🤡 trying to sell news how good they project is

  17. I feel like ADA, right now, is like watching someone build Bitcoin in real time

  18. Why you in a car copying bit boy omfg plz go back to your old self bro. And be origonal

  19. Goodness gracious man, I freaking love you bro(and the fam)….no homo hehe

  20. ADA Gang for life, holding ada never sell not until im official rich or it can buy me a rental property……

  21. YYYYYYYYYYeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Absolutely not! $20 in a decade? This will happen by 2025 without a doubt. That would put it somewhere around the $650 billion valuation. Off the top of my head anyway? With the rate of adoption, supposedly the markets going to be worth $30trillion by 2025, I would say that $20 prediction is extremely, extremely conservative by 2025.

  23. Wow! One of the best off the cuff video you’ve made, and I’ve been with you for about 4yrs now. Keep it going brother!

  24. So many companies are competing with cardano. It’s not the only ecosystem that’s good