Cardano – Ada Coin

Why I Sold All Of My Cardano ADA (it smells)

Cardano is smelly.

And you know it.

Do you smell it? Why or why not?

Let me know in the comments section below!

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  1. ADA has been a great project, with a solid following…Low transaction fees and secure… quality with thousands of developers.. Not a junk Solana that breaks down and gets hacked every month lol…Also, on the verge of huge growth with native assets. This video reeks of desperation.

  2. To be perfectly honest, ease of development doesn’t necessarily imply better user experience. Your own example is contradicting – it is actually MORE DIFFICULT for developers to build for Apple than for something like Android. It’s a new language and people are learning it. There is no TVL yet because there are no apps! I hope you don’t shy away from doing a follow up video somewhere around June.

  3. Ahhhh he bought it at 14cents guys. He’s an OG in cardano. Man stfu you bought it at 1dollar like all the other plebs

  4. lol this definitely a ETH maxi haha , if you bought any defi with ada would easy be up x 8 on your Ada , video makes no sense hahaha delete yourself off YouTube

  5. not sure I’ve seen a bigger clown in my life. you obviously bought ada around $3.00 and now you’re upset. find a new day job clown boy

  6. Finally someone that can en-light all Cardano fools.
    I have tryed to warn my friends about Charles H bull shit and hopium since years,
    The man can talk, and scam people of there money.

    Cardano is perfekt example of how stopid the money is in Crypto.

    Thank you.

  7. nagh…not going to invest in a Halloween coin bruh👻👻👻 , cardano has the most developers (proven) has more traffic than Eth (proven). and just released their DEFI apps for TLV last week…keep trying to spread that FUD though…do more research, and try to be honest.

  8. Guys dnt listen to him . He just want to buy some more in very cheap price He missed the Cardano train already .

  9. YOU SMELL!!!! LOL Just kidding I disagree but who knows you may be right but I have 100 percent faith in Cardano. It is just going to take time . I am not saying Cardano will make me rich that Great if it does. But I believe I will be very happy I invested 5-10 years from now when I retire.

  10. Make your life easier and more profitable and buy HEX and stake HEX…you will be better off than any asset in the world…

  11. This won’t age well… Actually it’s already outdated, Cardano has over 1,000 smart contracts and they added over a 100 more the other day. I’m investing in Fantom, Terra, Avalanche, and Cosmos but I’m sure as hell not selling my ADA bag to invest in them. Stake Cardano instead of selling it to buy other coins.

  12. Cardano will be #2 or #3 eventually. It’ll be one of the best chains in the long run

  13. For the noobs just go watch Charles hoskinson video that he released today will answer everything on here.

  14. And we also have the Africa thing coming as well. Not sure I share your same sentiment regarding cardano

  15. This guy is a straight fudder in my opinion. Who even is he? Also solana as a example is bs because the node talking to itself represents thousands of transactions they aren’t technically real transactions. Don’t believe everything you see for fact.

  16. Cardano has the largest real world use cases in all of crypto with their deals in Africa and with Dish network. Cardano is hard to develop on backend because they are using strict programming language , which you’d want if designing world operating systems . Have we learned nothing from all these other chains getting hacked? You don’t understand how cardano packs transactions .

  17. I get the feeling there are a lot of people on social media who want to see ADA fail without really understanding why Cardano was created

  18. Why would you not make a video about how good your favored Coins are instead of making a video about another telling people how bad it is? That is unless you are threatened and want to promote your own nonsense. Let’s go ahead and look at your intentions. This whole video doesn’t make sense.

  19. Haskell language is superior to C++ that is why Cardano will be the Blockchain of the future.


  21. This aged well… “not looking great for crypto and stocks” btw keep shorting😁 clown

  22. Thanks for the advice after it dumped 70%. You’re advice is trash. Jeff is a fraud!

  23. Let me sum up this video for everyone – when Cardano is at all time highs, it is the best project ever and Jeff Sekinger shills it hard. When cardano drops 70%, it is a horrible project.