Blank Wallet – BLANK Token

Why I Sold my Blank Wallet and Tornado Cash

Blank wallet and Tornado Cash are the first of their kind in the ethereum privacy wallet world. A way to bring more privacy to cryptocurrency transactions.

However, events like the recent Roobet’s House of Cards scandal, make me think at least keeping these already decentralized currencies on a public and transparent ledger might be a good idea.

What are your thoughts?

Can you think of some legal and common use cases that someone would want to spend an extra fee on their transactions in order to send cryptocurrency completely under the radar?

Comment your thoughts on the Blank Wallet token and Tornado Cash below!

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  1. The avg person who uses cash app doesn’t know how to use a metamask like application, they are not the demographic that would be using this. If u take a look at the new laws proposed concerning taxes on crypto transactions you’ll see why crypto enthusiasts want privacy.

  2. those cash apps doesn’t shows how much money you have in your bank account if it does no one will use them.
    in crypto it will take one transaction and the whole world can see how much coin you have in your wallet. think about people in Salvador, rich people there can get kidnaped just for buying cigarette using btc.

  3. when you realize people’s biggest enemy is govts and banks(large investors) you will be dying for such privacy tools. and if you realized it early, congratz the legend!

  4. Honestly crypto being used mainstream won’t work without something like blank, change my mind.

  5. „what’s the need for privacy..?!“ haha dude are you even listening to yourself?

    so if you don’t see a necessity for it, make a video about your current bank statements – your saving account and credit score…

  6. Please get familiar with how Blank actually works, before saying about it. You do not even know how it works…

  7. Your mad if you think privacy isn’t going to be essential once we reach main stream adoption.

  8. I like the video as a whole but there is definitely a demand for application like blank wallet and those who do want it won’t make it known:)

  9. So, you sold for moral reasons? Or because you think these are bad investments? Are you bearish on crypto as payments in general?

  10. Imagine sending money via paypal, yet with your paypal address, people know how much money you own and all of your transaction.

  11. imagine being in crypto and hating privacy or thinking noone wants it, you 2021 kids are so insufferable

  12. Thank you for some much needed constructive criticism. I do think that cryptos have one proven use case, and that is illegal transactions. I don’t understand why criminals are still using BTC. Make the police work harder.