In this video we discuss about MetaHero. I am personally invested into this coin and would like to spread my thoughts about it.

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0:00 – MetaHero News
4:05 – Technical Analysis

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  2. Great video. Metahero will be the next big thing. Don’t miss out.

  3. Why not draw a line at $1 instead of $0.30? Don’t understand your technical analysis, it is like you can draw any line

  4. People will access the metaverse for anything you can imagine. You’ll be able to access stores, choose your products, tap on those products and buy them… all in the metaverse!!!!!

  5. I was speculating… If Metadome presale has the same volume of coins as Metahero to start and if you compare it to the most popular gaming out there which is Axie Infinity and compare to their price and volume of coins, I think Metadome would be at 6%. If Axie Infinity is $135 and take 6% the price of Metadome could reach $8.00 if it as popular at Axie Infinity. Mind you $135 is not Axie Infinity’s highest price, and I think Metadome will be more popular so it could reach $10-$12 in 5 years. Maybe I am wrong but its just my 2 cents.

  6. 3-5 years is too long. It will explode in 2022, not more than 7-8 months to be crazy

  7. Even with the market down after that nasty dump we are holding strong! That says a lot!

  8. People are not interested in scanning themselves. They want to be someone they are not. If your ugly why would you scan that? If your a giant fat person why would you scan that? People want avatars that look like what they wish they could be. The value in this product based on scanning alone is not enough to carry it. I understand the utility. The psychology behind people/gaming is not in favor of this project the way it stands. There are a few things I would add to help this along. My point of this post is to keep people sensible with value assessment. It could still shoot up based on hype. Take profits and dont put more than 5 percent of your money into speculative products.

  9. The CEO is going around trashing other projects. That’s going to be a no for me dawg.

  10. Hi, I have 84k hero and qualify for 1 slot presale. What does one slot equal for everdome coin amount and what will the presale price be?