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Why YOU need to look at DuckDao & DuckStarter – The most transparent LaunchPad

DuckDao & DuckStarter – The most transparent LaunchPad? I look at the Duck Verse in relation to LaunchPads I break down its tier system How it has potentially the fairest system of giving out allocations and much much more.

#Duckstarter #DuckDao

intro 00:00
DuckDao 00:19
Incubator 00:37
Duckstarter launchpad 01:16
Duck Dao Dime Token 01:30
TA Duck Dao Dime Token 02:19
Duckstart points system 03:01
Duckstarter Points Leaderboard 05:21
1st Come 1st Serve 06:22
Tiers Breakdown 06:51
Burn Penalities 07:12
TA Duckstarter 07:30
Cost of Tiers Today 07:42


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  1. I’m strongly recommend to avoid this project.
    Especial topic is how admins communicate with investors and users. Most questions which they dont like are answered in an aggressive and offensive manner.
    And recently, when in one of the chats I drew attention to this, I also received insults in return. After that I was removed from all chats of the community and all my allocations were taken from me, without explaining the reasons.