1inch Token


In this video we take a look at community requests from the Clever Crypto Discord community. It includes Kadena (KDA), Crypto.com (CRO), Zilliqa (ZIL), 1inch (1INCH), Chiliz (CHZ).



Disclaimer: This video should not be considered as financial advise and was only created for entertainment/educational purposes. I will never ask you for money or information nor will I ever give you financial advice. Please be aware of scammers in the comments impersonating the clever crypto brand.

#Kadena #Crypto.com #Zilliqa #Chiliz #1inch


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  1. We missed you 💘💘 can’t wait for the course 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  2. The market will be very Favorable now due to the rapid growth of Bitcoin which is $64k, The rich won’t disclose it so don’t be fooled, it’s right time to invest, Christmas is on the way

  3. The market will be very favorable now due to the rapid growth of Bitcoin which is $61k, the rich won’t disclose it so Don’t be fooled, it’s right time to invest, Christmas is on the way🌲

  4. Your TA is so well presented in your videos! No murky bias or FUD. Everything just makes sense. Thanks for looking at KDA. Glad to have you back! Looking forward to your course.

  5. Zil GRT VET is my personal opinion may 10x from here. Not a financial advise. Just my TA and FA

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  8. What a chanel ! I just found it accidentally, love how everything is explained perfectly

  9. your community love’s u man, thank u so much for the effort ur putting! amazing content, looking forward for the course

  10. I can’t read the notes. What was the bull run end target for kadena. It looks blurry.

  11. Another gr8 vid – im well pleased i have 4 of these coins already Loved the effort :)

  12. THANK YOU! Insightful TA, straight forward, easily to understand, wise opinions! This channel is a GEM itself, should get more subscribers.

  13. Hello , just an information kadena is not the only blockchain that resolve the trilema… Casper blockchain also resolve it . Take a look!😉

  14. BEST T&A in the Cryptoverse!! Show your support for the channel by please Smashing the likes
    hit the bell and subscribe to the CC ARMY!!

  15. Do you think it will go up if listed in Binance and coinbase ? and also there is wrapped kda will be ready soon