Will Thor Financial survive after today??? 7500% APY Yield Farming

Will Thor Financial survive after today??? 7500% APY Yield Farming
Thor.Financial Odin nodes are getting their first ROI payouts today and could potentially cause the whole thing to crash. They also introduced Yield Farming with Thor and Avax.. Will we recoup our crypto??

Also, Animal Farm coming soon!

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  1. With all the announcements and investments that Thor has done, that should honestly put you at ease. I hope you have time to listen to the AMAs on Thursday. It might also help with conference in the project

  2. Maybe I’ll know better next time…probably not, this is crypto, I’ll never learn. Ha! Me neither Dude!

  3. Cool beer mug. Good luck with THOR. I almost joined RING right before it crashed, so I’m scared of those fast ROI nodes.

  4. Not really, you might be though for not doing any Veve drops and making tons of money on Veve easily

  5. It is bad timing bro, but the only reason people like us make money is because we are willing to risk it!

  6. I think you’ve made a good move with Thor. I’ve been in since December and have manged to get to 5 Thor (I’ll be at 8 by the time we have rewards drop), 1 Freya and 1 Heimdall… I deffo want to save for an Odin. I can just see this matching/bettering Strong. They’re doing every thing right at the moment. Take a look at HIVE when you get a min.. its part of UoT and Loki is one of the head honcho’s so it should be another great project!

  7. I got into Thor this morning after listening to part of a recent AMA, which I felt was handled really well, and spending a good amount of time in their discord, reading various views on the project.
    The reduction in rewards was well explained in my opinion, as they seem to want sustainability over extremely high rewards.
    The team are really supportive of the community from what I’ve seen and seem to have an ongoing focus on meaningful ways to add to the ecosystem and overall use case of the project.
    These are the first nodes I’ve created and I’m excited 😉
    DYOR and yeah it’s risky 👍🏿

  8. Ring just kept selling more and more nodes at half price etc and the price tanked. Then they made a new coin xRing coin and that done the exact same. Then they just closed the doors.

  9. Drip is making me tons of money and I believe safer than Thor or Strongblock. Please make a video on Drip and the Animal Farm.

  10. Can we withdraw our initial investment from LP pool other than the reward .

  11. People investing in this cr@p when Bitcoin is half a price. C’mon🤷‍♂️

  12. There is way too much risk in high APY yielding coins, why not focus on projects building medium to long term wealth?

  13. I sat through the whole 4 hour AMA after the change was made. They did fix the lower node rewards the following day which was nice. The fact that the price shifted from $140 back up to $190 was encouraging. The liquidity pool announcement made today was good to see as well. The fact that the project manager of this will be doxing himself soon will be encouraging. The return rates I was seeing was way too high to be sustainable so I am glad they did this now for long term success so I am glad they are doing this now. I hope this will continue to pan out.

  14. Here’s my thing, if prices were so unsustainable with the previous reward structure then how has drip been paying out so much money? I know the projects are completely different but 1% daily is massive especially if the profits are reinvested.

  15. For the defi platforms you need to be there the first week of it going live, if not then not good investment. You would do better to invest the $3,500 in Looks rare token and you would make way more less risk

  16. How do you sell your Thor Node? Example: if I buy 4 nodes then let the nodes reward to the price of 2 nodes. I can cash out the rewards and 2 nodes to get my money back, leaving 2 nodes to keep making profits. I not seeing how to close or sell my nodes to get the funds back.

  17. Math was wrong. daily yield is 70.69^(1/365) = 1.2% on 800 usd that is about 8-9 dollar a day. You only get 70000% due to compounding.

  18. Thor is a real gem of a project! Can’t wait for what is coming this month… You should come chat in the Discord if you don’t!

  19. can you do a how to video please, i am quite interested in doing this, thanks

  20. you should do a guide on how to stake Thor. I am trying to find out and struggling a little. Just want to be sure I have the process right so I don’t mess up :)

  21. I plan to invest in Thor. Even with the changes, it is still a healthy return.

  22. You looked as stressed as me in ur short clip about thors video tommarrow lol putting our tax money in buying 3 thor soon hope it works out for us been trying to get into mineing but looks like thor will be my strong entry into passive income crossing fingers

  23. But I think thor will be alright least for a Lil while compound double down till we’re blue in the face lol

  24. I did the same thing. I watched the ama heard the team and how honest the put how this was being handled and transferred 2400.00 to buy a Thor node. They earned my trust and the upside outways the downside