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Wolverinu AMA Tonight Live!

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OMG! Wolverinu has Scary and Explosive Potential – Wolverinu Live AMA 11/5/2021 8pm


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  1. My man reminds me of steve at Rocket Crypto. Pleasant, soft, relaxed personality.

  2. Been attempting many Wolverinu token buys for many days and eth gas fees off the charts. Bummer

  3. I just think the dev team should be exclusive to Adam in terms of go live coverage. Haha😁😭😂🤣🤑🤢..🤢….🤮🤮🤢🤮🤧🤪🤣

  4. Had it queued up to buy on uniswap but it won’t let me confirm the swap. Even the logo of wolv won’t show up anymore. Dang uniswap. Won’t work on phone or cpu.

  5. Man I want to believe in this project but I tried twice tonight to buy it on Klee swap by swapping some saitama profits and both times the swap failed and it still took my eth gas fees. I literally lost $350 tonight trying to buy this token… something just isn’t right I’ve never had this issue and I’ve bought dozens of tokens on swaps

  6. Solid Progect this far. The community and the Devs seem to be in sync. If you hold for 4 months and don’t sell you will get a free NFT.

  7. Im in and will be holding. Gas fee was high but it was paid off the Next day!! Don’t let gas fee keep you from getting in early!!

  8. Everyone is wondering what the devs angle is. They keep saying Disney and marvel. They want to build this up and sell it to marvel.

  9. Yo yo Adam I tweeted you on Twitter can u private message me please. I got a question for you.

  10. Adam I sure hope these boys are legit. Sounds like a bunch of rookies. I’m sure to let this dude jewel is out in the open and very easy to find. Don’t rugpull this dog. Believe me

  11. I bought some but to be honest I hope this tokens will be used as a useful utility that can last for a very long time. For example, look at chucky cheese they use their token for games within their facilities. If Wolverinu can expand beyond where people can accept them as form of payments for comics, games, and goods it is going beyond our imagination.

  12. If a group of guys making a crypto token is willing to steal a copyrighted and trademarked character what do you think they’ll do with your investments ( I wonder if the squid game token people could do it all over again would they still fall for it! ) These anime coins will bring alot of heat from the SEC and will bring some to ruin.

  13. Why wolverinu does not show his face? Today i have seen few youtube videos saying that its scam. What the wolver inu team will say about it.

  14. Can anybody direct me when they talk about if they got permission to use the likeness of wolverine…. and also why not show their faces is this a norm on AMA’s

  15. Keep up the good content Adam Shelton ! Great job Wolverinu on keeping the community updated !!

  16. Saitama doesn’t infringe on a single thing – NOT EVEN ONE PUNCH MAN, NO NO NO – this is legit business. Wolverinu isn’t good, i’m not touching this – weak team, couldn’t even dox themselves. I won’t put a penny into this.

  17. Answer for the way you talked so badly to another guy who you low balled for promoting your token.and is this how you talk and represent the token itself? I dropped my fat sack like everybody else after seeing your post and comments and this is to jules

  18. FREE NFT!!!! After 4 months???!!! I’m hella in bro!!! Crypto messiah says NFT is the next big thang!!! 🤷‍♂️ Who knows.

  19. Price goes up then dump goes up then dump. Bs if you ask me kiddos trying to make some money fishy!. Paid Adam to promote it on his YouTube channel.

  20. Who’s the big holder who keeps selling trillion sacks everytime the price starts to rise.

  21. Is this the same Julius who was owner of minerco, I hope not, that stock got d listed

  22. You need our Aussie Hugh Jackman, if you get him to promote this token it would shoot to the roof. I know Hugh would love to promote you guys and marvel would love to have you guys onboard 🇦🇺👍🇦🇺

    I love Jules honesty and like Russell both don’t look like they will rugpull, I knew a Jules a in school and he was a gentle soul and a would listen to his wisdom and protect him when ever he is harassed. I loved him very much, I didn’t have siblings when I was young so I saw him as a little brother

  23. Jules is an angel sent by God to change common people lives All the blessings to you guys. Go Wolverinu go

  24. I didn’t hear if there’s a specific amount to diamond hand for 4 months… Is there?, or whatever you can afford, hold for 4 months to get the free NFT?

  25. I owe Jules an apology. I went on his channel bumping gums after seeing a YouTuber talking mad shyt about Wolverinu. I decided not to pull it and still holding 34 trillion and more to come. I’m proud of Wolverinu

  26. Thanks Adam for the great job you’re doing. However, I think you shouldn’t have let this AMA to go on without everyone on the dev team showing their faces. I might be wrong but, I think this AMA is one the main catalysts that are causing this coin to tank. How could the devs do an AMA of this sort without their faces shown to instill trust and confidence within the community? It’s not helping as this could kinda create some FUDs on some people’s minds and that’s not a good thing.

  27. Not to sound like a party pooper but just putting a few things into perspective, but it’s all MY OPINION,. I was interested until I seen this video. These dudes sound sketchy asf tbh 🤣 I’m from the hood, I can sense fraud with body language and staging. Everyone should be on camera. Nobody on their team said anything with substance. They didn’t answer any of the questions directly and they sound like a bunch of camera shy teenagers behind a microphone who don’t know how to articulate themselves. Why is there only 1 person on camera and why are y’all all giving the same response. We get that y’all happy to be hear, everyone watching is happy to be here… but everyone in their team just go off one another and repeat say the same thing the first person said. What is y’all roadmap? What do each of you bring to the table when it comes to WolverInu… Simple! This is your first time speaking in depth to the public. Y’all gotta give us more than that.

  28. Hi mate how are you doing? Just one question bro..why Mr Ronald is never showing his face?