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Wolverinu Free NFT Application Review – Wolverinu Footage of the Game – Wolverinu Anthem

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Launched on October 23rd 2021, Wolverinu Token mission is to bring order to the Ethereum blockchain and prove what a powerful community can achieve when united.

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  1. Seriously what’s going 😐 happen when Marvel or Disney files a Copyright ©️ claim on this token ..the bigger it gets the more likely. Think about it if projects are getting derailed for logos can you imagine this? Not spreading FUD but the Devs need to answer

  2. damn missed it by 2 days days, only been holding for 28 days, hopefully it’ll still be ok

  3. @Adam Shelton what is the name of the music you use in the video and the artist? Please help

  4. Is the NFT going to have resale value and is it able to be played in the P2E game?

  5. This coin gets pumped to the 30 or 40 mark and always dumps no matter what new content they show on their Twitter page. There is a pattern with the sells of the top wallet holders. Hence they say pump it as a Twitter message constantly every week. It gets pumped then it’s a drastic dump. This has happened more than 10 times. Pay attention if you don’t believe what I am saying. Have an open mind and do your research. Also, someone on your LIVE AMA asked him the cost of creating the Wolv game and he played dumb as if he didn’t understand the question.

  6. I qualify for the nft. But ain’t too sure about sending my address over. Next thing you know I have some keynet.7 appear in my wallet that I’m expecting to be from wolverinu. 😄 He’ll….No to the no no no ×3😂🤣

  7. New holder
    I’m trying to figure out the reflections. Please cover in a video. Do you want to show your holdings on wolver inu , you know …the increase and dips.

  8. Do we paste the Wolverinu address to the sheet from our cold storage wallet?

  9. It looks like a game from “DOS operating System ” form the 80’s. not for me thanks, But if its going to let you win all the time to get coins then why not.

  10. Look at the chart for Wolverinu, its the same as Mononke= rug pull, Klee =rug pull, Shiryo=???, all have the same chart pattern.. They all going down no uptrend, just toilet trend.

  11. Game animation should have advance graphics. Please make it look attractive. As of now it is looking like a cartoon movie. Please Jules we have high hopes from WolverInu make it worth the weight in gold. Please don’t compromise as this would change lot of people’s lives and you have huge responsibility towards it.

  12. The pump and dumb makes 100% sense! This is how it goes. Just like when all you guys sell to recoup your original investment. Only difference is the earlier token holders are selling more then original investment….Eventually, thr “whales” run out. Then we move up to the next level

  13. It’s the 2nd today? No point in this video, too late Adam, next time give us at least 24 hours, ether that or don’t bother pal

  14. Best graphics ever🤯! Wolverinu will integrate with the real world in the future of the Metaverse🔥💪🏻🔥!!

  15. Mate every coin you talk about goes down! And get rug pull! Soon you’re gonna vanish too!

  16. I have faith in this project. If we look at Shiba , it had 9 zeros starting out, and dropped to 10 zeros for 3 months. Late January, it went up to 8 zeros. The rest is history. Advice: We have to wait.

  17. Please do a video on Wolver inu:
    Reflections , in depth.
    Perks with holding.
    2 days ago I bought 29 trillion and my Wolver inu supply goes up every couple hours. I’m just trying to understand this token

  18. I wonder every time you did AMA for any token, after AMA it drop crazy, winry is big lost, wolverine the next one and others.. wonder? Wolverin is another WINRY

  19. Thanks for bringing this up and I was able to submit my and waiting patiently

  20. Not to be rude, you need to step up your games brother. Don’t try to present shit coins to the public! Do your research please!!!! You’re given these dev teams controls and raises $ . I am referring to all of your recommended teams with their shitty coins!
    Enough is enough!

  21. Honestly I can’t imagine🖕🏿🖕🏿 why anyone would dislike this,this very clear and very helpful, I kudos to you got a new client and recommended from me so much sir…

  22. Love the game idea it’s like mortal combat meets like superheroes meets sports betting in a way thats P2E but for a beta I’m pretty impressed this early on.

  23. I would stay away from this. When the devs did the changeover, the holders got 10% less and the devs received 10% more in they’re their wallet. The next day they sold 45 eth. You can view the wallet on the block chain Not to mention that Disney is gearing up to go after them. Won’t be fun for the holders.

  24. How can we tell if the NFT was rewarded to you? Thanks for any information for directions.

  25. Adam can you do a video of your much we hold and how much we’ll have if we lose zeros?

  26. Hey Adam have you heard when the free NFTs will be dropped in our wallets

  27. what wrong my friend, after your AMA, wolverine down to the ground, rugg pull again?

  28. Have they sent the NFT yet? I bought in on the 2nd and filled out the application, but I have not seen it yet