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Wrx भागने वाला है 🔥 | Wazirx news today | wazirx price prediction | wrx token price prediction – WRX

Wrx भागने वाला है 🔥 | Wazirx news today | wazirx price prediction | wrx token price prediction – WRX

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Hello friends: About the video :

Iss video m mene quick WRX token ko aache se explain kiya hai aur iska complete future price prediction and future growth potential btaya hai aur market update diya hai.

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  1. Loving ur channel.. invested on asx at 161 should i hold it . Or book small profit nd exit

  2. Nice but Bitcoin investment is better than stock trading, I always tell people this because I have traded on the two and I can attest that Bitcoin is more profitable using the right strategy and Ma’am Juliana Andressa has the best strategy, Thank you

  3. شارٹ ٹرم کے لیے سستا کوائن کونسا ہے بھائی۔ یہ بھی بتادے کتنے دن ہولڈ رکھنا ہوگا

  4. Thank you for adding the INR figures – it helps a lot. Your work is great to learn about a new field, the crypto world. Getting acquainted with new terms, like “burning.”

  5. Sab Sale Tasalli De Rahi hai …… Koi sahi Information Nahi De Raha h

  6. 🙂January tak rakkhunga….😂kya Pata February se ….kitne % ka lagay ga😄😄😆

  7. Brother burning kitni month k gap p hoti h wrx k?

  8. Sir ..I invested 50k in IOTX at rate INR 14.200 ,is there any chance to go up these coming days ?plz advise

  9. Yug broo negative comments pe mat dhyan dene in sab ko information nahi sidha pessa hi chahiye…

  10. Bhai is se accha growth toh btc ne di hai btc 30 thousand usdt tha now 65k+ wazirx btc pair main bataya karo…
    Coin toh koi bhi leke baith jaao…
    Inr main lose hoga hi nahi😂

  11. Oh bhai caption soch kr dala kro aise hi logo ko heart attack doge … wrx nhi baghne wala …wazirx coin bagne wala hai

  12. Nice video! I was able to build a big income stream during the covid-19 pandemic investing with a professional broker, Mrs stacy maya.

  13. Wrx token burn soon. So wrx buy and hold
    Wrx go in this week 8$ sure
    Legal information

  14. 🙏🙏🙏थैंक यू सर वार्निंग देने के लिए वजीरएक्स भाग जाएगी हमें पता नहीं, 👌👌👌