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  1. Aarav whale ke khna le 0.80 pe buy kiya hai 1.13 pe sell kiya 🙂
    Thank you whale

  2. Thanks for the continuous great videos. The fact is, NFTs, BTC is the future of crypto and the question most people ask themselves is – if this is right time to invest? I feel those who would allow the market dynamism to determine when to trade or not are either new in this space in general or probably just naïve.

  3. Law ek saal baad lagu nhi hoga 2023 assessment year h yani 2022 m jo trade liya jayega uska hisab hoga 2023 m.

  4. Thanks for all the great data. I always appreciate your honest feedback,,. I look forward to every single video you make. Thank you for helping all of us stay on top of the market. A lot has changed and that’s on everything but the truth is I don’t even care much about bullish or bearish market anymore because Naughton got me cover as I am comfortably making 9.1B T C monthly…

  5. Bhai Apka analysis sabse unique hota hai …I bought gala by your advise and got 3x proffit in november 2021 and some more coins which I bought by ur advise also profitable for me thanks brother…

  6. When it comes to the world of investing, most people don’t know where to start. Fortunately, great investors of the past and present can provide us with guidance