Yield Farming $30 a day with only $2000 of stable coins – Defi Harvesting Tutorial

This is a quick tutorial on how to farm and steak in harvest on a d5 exchange Polydecks also known as the Cryption Network.

In this tutorial I will show you how I make between $20 and $30 today only with $2,000 of stable coins.

This particular decentralized finance exchange (DEX or DeFi) is a great opportunity for people who want to farm and stake and not risk losing money.

Check Polydex here:

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0:00 Intro
0:27 Harvesting DAI on Polydex
1:08 Claiming CNT from Rewards Manager tab on Polydex
2:02 Exchanging CNT to USDC on Polydex
3:40 Using a Spreadsheet for Crypto Transactions
4:39 Summary


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  1. Hello Dear you fine ? thank you !! man , is it good to farm on today’s date?

  2. So I have to wait 4 months till I can claim all of my rewards? Or I can force claim and lose 35%?

  3. do you have any videos that will teach someone , who knows nothing other than you can make passive income with crypto, where to begin and what to do? and how do you tell how much risk is involved? and how does the price of the coins affect if you will make or lose money?