Yield Farming, Bonds and Squid Tokens!

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This is not a clickbait. I am actually going to explain it to you a simple method how to make 100% Returns on fixed deposits.

Watch this video till the end to get a holistic understanding about new age instruments and how to make the best use of them :)

0:00 Intro
02:35 New Age Investment instruments
05:00 Are bonds 100% safe?
10:22 Is 100% Return on FDs possible?
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  1. # *REQUEST*
    Sir Pl. let us know more about the Deferred MBA program
    Thanks in Advance.

  2. Consistency, transparency and genuinty is the key factors that make Akshat special

  3. Interesting information!! Would it possible to make detailed video on yield farming !! Looking forward to it!!

  4. Please do a demonstration of yeild farming in whichever exchange you find suitable.

  5. Thanks , I learn a lot from your videos.
    It would be helpfull if you can make a video on yield farming and a safe exchange to invest for liquity pools and how to invest in these pools

  6. Plz make a detailed video on yield farming. Starting from which platform to choose for investment till how to redeem it when required inclusive of all fees or hidden charges if any.

  7. it would be very nice , if you make a detailed vedio on covered bonds ; less risk with higher interest rates?

  8. The same happened with Lakshmi Vilas bank where my friend was not able to withdraw money from Savings bank account for his sisters marriage when the bank some issues at that time. Later turned to DBS Bank.where ut was give to an Singapore entity.

  9. 2008 was all about such CDO’s. Bankers are inefficient in their appraisal and usually collateral value is far less than loan. Haven’t we learnt our lesson yet ?

  10. Great as always.. would be interested to know more about Yeild farming. And reminder to give a tour of your commerical properties :)

  11. Akshat Sir, what are your views on stablecoins like USDC, BUSD? They are providing double rate of 12.68% in comparison to Ethereum, Bitcoin giving 6.8% and Aave giving 3%.
    They are much more stable and one can earn more returns via fixed deposits.

  12. Can you please make some more videos on bonds? Like nowadays many people know about stock market but the penetration of bond market is less in the retail investor sector(except FD’s) in terms of knowledge. So can you explain which bonds can be traded in the secondary market and which are fixed bonds?

  13. 5:55
    I think it was Yes Bank account holders who faced the issue of withdrawing only 50% of the total money diposited.
    Sir, please make some videos about different investment options in crypto currency. You mentioned in your previous videos about Defi, Staking coins and now this yield farming. Please make some detailed videos. That’ll be very helpful. ☺️☺️☺️

  14. Hi, Akshat u r doing wondaful service to novice people, giving valuble information, I request you to start a startup customized investment solutions to all classes of people. So that we don’t need to know more information and plan accordingly. Make a good website and start you business now. You can be a good man, helps majority novice investors of our India.

  15. Thanks Akshat, it is very useful. We are getting to hear about ‘12% club’, which essentially functions like an FD, but provides about 12% annual return; and additionally about the fractional property investing, would you have any thoughts around these? Thanks!

  16. I am a hard person to satisfy, but TBH you are a gem of a person. Please do a video on Yield farming. Much appreciated

  17. Hey Akshat!! In your previous videos, you have talked about Metawars token. Can you also educate us on how can we invest in those token, as the token is live now.

  18. Hi Akshat, Could you please shed some light on P2P lending as an investment option. Cred mint and bharatpe 12 % club have been giving consistent and lucrative returns , however we would like to know the risks (borrower defaulting etc) associated with it.

  19. People like you make this world an awesome place to live sharing some gold dust for free. Sharing the hard earned knowledge for free to others is an unbelievable triat great human being hats off keep doing. Thank you

  20. I had faced with Yes Bank. I wasn’t able to withdraw money for 3-4 days. But finally government have asked SBI to buy some portion of the bank as Yes Bank was India’s 4th largest private bank back then.

  21. Hi akshat, I have been following your footsteps and also invested 10% of portfolio in crypto via Vauld. I wanted to ask if vauld FD returns of 12.86% are real or it will just be a scam

  22. Please make a detailed video on yield farming. Loved your way of simplifying complex topics.

  23. Been trying to experiment with the yield farming but was not confident, if you can make a video around that with super super details (even if it is 2hr long I am happy) I and other viewer would feel confident to experiment on yield farming so please consider doing that

  24. Hi Akshat! Like always loved you content. I remember you also keep telling about buying commercial properties for cash flow. Please make a detailed video on it as well.

  25. Hi Akshat,

    I am watching your videos from past 2 months and I like the way you teach or tell us…

    I wanna connect personally with you.. to know whether I should invest in debentures or not…

    I need your help… It will be appreciatable if you can manage sometime from your precious time

  26. Thank you for this video Akshat, specifically on yield farming. would request you to dumb the yield farming with a live example with a nominal amount, in such a manner that it becomes easier to imitate the mechanism (while we opt basis our understanding and study)

  27. Hi Akshat. What is your take on investing in bonds via the mutual fund route? Something like ICICI Prudential Corporate bond fund will spread out the investment across different bonds there by diversifying and also mitigating risk of default by a particular bond. Understood that there is an expense ratio piece involved, but still looks far better option than FD or blocking the money in a few bonds

  28. Sir please make a detailed video on yield farming.Thanks for educating us🙏🏼.

  29. Hi Akshat , nice informative video.
    AFAIR Yes Bank , Punjab & Maharashtra Co-operative Bank had this capital control problem.
    FD and cryptocurrency are two very different things, I think the title of the video , poster image are not in according to info conveyed. May be it was used as click-bait ! Please make videos eraborating more on bonds, cryptocurrency,yield farming and risks-returns associated with it. Thanks

  30. thanks akshat for another great video please make a separate video on yield farming and also on alt coincs which according you have good potential for the future

  31. Sir would definately love a completely detailed video on yield farming

  32. We definitely need you to make detailed video on yield farming. 🙏🏻 Please please please make a video…………. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  33. Happened with Yes bank, I was holder and we were not allowed to withdraw our full money only upto a basic capping

  34. 5:30 ya I read about this DICGC Scheme thing only a few days ago. Never even know that we(customers) had such insurance on our money kept in bank.

  35. Yes bank was put under moratorium for 21 days right before the Corona virus hit India. Only ₹50,000 was redeemable.
    Also 75% of share holding was locked for 3 years.

  36. Hi Akshat,
    Can you please bring a detailed video on yield farming and also take us through from scratch on how anyone can do it.
    Thanks in advance.

  37. Great content as always. Please make a detailed video on yield farming.

  38. Please cover the minimum amount required to start the yield farming journey… Also the risks associated with them

  39. I was a customer of yes bank. I had done a FD of 5 L. Due to management issues ,I was unable to withdraw my deposit money.

  40. Please make a separate video on bonds, what r they, benifits and drawbacks and the procedure – how to invest in them

  41. It is highly appreciable of you if a separate detailed video on yield farming related to cryptocurrencies.

  42. Hi Akshat. Thank you so much for explaining these concepts in such lucid fashion. Would it be possible for you to cover how small/retail investors can participate in yields and farms and what are the associated costs? I am talking about investors who may not have 100s of dollars to invest in a single sitting.

  43. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
    Great explanation,like to know more about yield framing.

  44. Thanks again for this amazing video, Can u make a video on piramal enterprises demerger and how will it affect the dynamics of this stock?

  45. Still seems like a click bait. Yield farming is not like FD, it’s highly risky. I was yield farming with a token which lost 100% of value overnight and some great people in finance were also invested in it.

  46. Please do vide on yield farming in details. You explain things with precise required information.

  47. Akshat Ji – Please clarify that by using your Vauld Code – one can only get benefit if we do trading at Vauld via pro-trading terminal. This was not mentioned in your video. Due to this there are no referra benefits. Hope you will take this as a feeedback.

  48. Yes, please make a detailed video on yield farming & if you can do some videos on NFTs that would be really helpful.

  49. Sir, please enlighten us on how to trade in cryptocurrency with the help of technical indicators. Thank you for sharing valuable knowledge with us.

  50. Varied subjects complex content but super easy explanations makes me watch Akshat’s video jaw- dropping

  51. Hey Akshat, thank you for you wonderful insights in all your videos. Can you make a video on how/where to invest emergency funds?

  52. This video is good for the users, who are for the first time hearing this term “Yield Farming”. However, I feel a very important aspect of yield farming which you must understand, before going in for these high returns numbers is the mathematics behind liquidity pools working. Note, whichever way the crypto price moves, the effective value of your principal amount would always be lesser than the effective value of principal if you would not have invested in liquidity pool. So, pls understand it completely before investing!