Yield Farming Coin Types Ranked! (with Cronos Farming Updates)

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While Crypto.com Coin continues to dip, we take a look at how to decide what coins to provide to a liquidity pool for yield farming. We also have a look at an updated Cronos and VVS Finance farming strategy, now that gas fees are starting to creep up.

As always, Investing in cryptocurrencies carries risk. Videos are for education and entertainment purposes only, and not financial advice – always do your own research and consider your own financial needs and local regulations before investing!


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  1. Excellent video as always. Well presented token tiering, all without the need for bells and whistles. Would love to see more videos :)

  2. Really appreciate your videos. Was specifically looking for info on VVS since its so new and I’ve never farmed or mined before. Thanks for sharing your experience and expertise! Subscribed

  3. Thank you for your videos and the time you take in making them!! I ironically fell onto the first video you made in regards to VVS and it was the only video at the time that was educational and not just a bunch of uneducated ” BUY THIS” without explaining why garbage. Really appreciate you sharing such solid content and helping us venture down the rabbit hole of farming with you! Subscribed!

  4. Thank you for the great info. I had a question regarding the compounding for vvs finance. I looked at the apr and noticed that without harvesting daily i got close to the APR they suggested in their calculator. However, how could that be? Do they compound daily on your vvs earnings without harvesting?

  5. You should maybe look into Shiba Inu’s ecosystem and utility. I would rank it right there with UniSwap seeing as it broke top 10 DEXs ranked by TVL within its first what 48 hours of launch?

  6. amazing video. I love how you categorise the tokens in different tiers backed by strong reason of ecosystem, defi…etc! 👍😃

  7. great video! +1 sub , question: thoughts on solana chains raydium pools , especially gaming LPs w 100 to 300% apr atm ? one one hand its a good chain for gaming and stars, atlas, cwar, solchicks seem good but like u said, things could fail…thoughts?