Yield Farming Crypto. Anyone can become a millionaire with the power of daily compound returns.

Crypto Yield Farming can give you incredible passive income for any Crypto assets you own. The passive income from daily compound yearly returns (APY%) earned on many farms is enough that in little time you can have life-changing wealth.

None of this is financial advice and you should do your own research but I am just showing you what I do.

I will show you in a simple spreadsheet the exponential growth power of the daily compound returns from your yield farm. My example shows how with a starting portfolio of $10,000 you can very quickly turn that into $1,000,000

This is not a paid advertisement for Planet Finance. I have no connection with the project but it seems like the best site with the best tokenomics of any Crypto Yield Aggregator I have ever investigated and I thought I should pass along what I have learned.

For those that are new to Crypto and wondering how to get in:
My favourite Crypto Exchange is Binance.com. They allow you to trade and stake (to make passive interest) the highest number of coins and have the lowest trading fees.
Use this Binance.com link that will get you an additional 10% off your trading fees: https://www.binance.com/en/register?ref=SXL4N24X

For Canadians trying to get into Cryptocurrencies quickly and easily with no deposit or withdrawal fees use Newton.
Use this link to get $25 added to your account just for trading $100.
Newton link: https://web.newton.co/r/S0K8D6


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  1. Great video. I’m been having great returns from Planet Finance since September. It’s given me income to reinvest into other project without having to sell my original bag

  2. Thanks a lot for informing me about Planet Finance! One concern I have is this type of investing being shut down in the USA. I’m thinking scared money don’t make money though!

  3. Hey, Craig- I know the AQUA token alone has an auto compound function. But, how do you compound or auto compound the AQUA-BNB gains? What do you do after you collect? Do you need more partnered BNB to create more LP to reinvest into the AQUA-BNB pool?

  4. Thanks to you man my capital rose by 50% in just 2 weeks! Quick question though, does planet finance have a restaking function? Or do we need to always claim the rewards, transform it again and then deposit it?

  5. Thanks! I watched your first video on staking then I went sailing for the summer. Just packing the boat away this week. I should have watched the other videos you put out while sailing!
    I’m going to put a little more towards staking! That $ compounding daily buys me a new boat every year!
    Thanks again!

  6. But do you just leave it in there? What do you do about in permanent loss? Do you find it not to be a problem with that particular pair?

  7. Hi, just wanted to say thank you for all you do. I’ve been in the crypto market but learned about yield farming just recently from your previous videos. This stuff can definitely change lives and I also hope to help others with the wealth I attain like you’ve helped me! Really appreciate you covering great farming exchanges like Planet Finance. Thanks again for all you do. Wishing you Happiness, Health & Wealth in that order :)

  8. Hi Craig, about your spreadsheet calculations, when you say “auto compounding” your yields, do you mean depositing your aqua rewards to the aqua pool (which is autocompounding) or do you split that aqua reward back into Aqua/BNB and thus into that same farm/pool. Thanks so much

  9. Excellent. Can you make the spreadsheet available to download please? of course remove your figures and leave the layout and the formulas in there? Thanks

  10. I’m starting to learn about yield farming and find it incredibly intriguing. My near term goal is to build up a very large bag during the rest of this bull run for investing in the bear market. Can you address how to plan for that when it comes?

  11. Hello. Thank you for introducing me to Planet Finance. However I want to ask what would be the impact on returns of Aqua BNB pool if rewards will be given in Gamma coin after 18th November, instead of Aqua as per the Planet Finance’s tokenomics.

  12. I have been wanting to learn how to do yield farming and so glad I found your videos. I am green to all this but been in crypto for long time. So I found planetfinance and connect my wallet with metamask but not really sure what to do from there. Should I buy the Aqua/Bnb and I have a lot of ADA so thinking I should transfer it here in Uranus. Just need some guidance.

  13. hey @Cruising on Crypto do you think you could make that spread sheet public? i would love to use it

  14. So I’ve watched the risks to farming and it all makes sense in a bull market…. but in a bear market do you stop farming and just stake stable coins until things bottom out then start back up? What are your bear market strategies basically? Love the show, content is fantastic!

  15. Can you please share the excel? It would be very helpful to analyze and compare other farms as well.

  16. Love your videos! Thanks so much for the knowledge.

    One question: so everyday you are taking the rewards and putting them back in the pool using the transform feature? and you’re doing this twice a day? this is what creates the compound interest correct ?

  17. At the current dropping rate of the aqua/bnb LP apy I think we’ll definitely see a drop down to .40% a day apy

  18. Damn..Subscriber for life! Thank you. Could you make this spreadsheet accessible for download please?

  19. Thanks for the great video! Are you able to share the spreadsheet with the auto compounding formula?

  20. This is my question. Inevitability this surge will drop. And the APR won’t be so drastic anymore. I’ve been looking into other coins that offer yield farming, with low supplies. And it seems like this is turning into a trend.

    When planet finance runs dry I’m sure the move will to hop onto another similar platform that is the new craze.

  21. I’ve been trying yield farming myself with autocompounding – watching the $invested each day it goes up AND down regularly – how do you calculate the profit you are actually making? I would like to know how to calculate this /work it out thanks if you could consider a video on this?

  22. Hello Sir, Thanks for this video. That is really educative. I will like to start. Do I have to buy both (Aqua and BNB) to get started? Do you have a video tutorial on how to set up everything? Thanks for your help.

  23. This is so awesome bro! Thank you so much for this content. Truly life changing, and I’m so excited to jump into this! Immense gratitude for all you do!

  24. Love your perspective and style of communication by the way, it’s very much in alignment with my own.


  26. The problem with yield farming especially on the high APRs is that it won’t last forever and I would argue that it won’t last more than 1 or 2 days as more people pile in and lower the overall amount OR the coins that you are farming tank which will lower the overall yield. Its just not feasible for yield farming for you to hold for 1 year. Things can easily go down in APY so quick that you wouldn’t want to hold for 1 year.

  27. Right now it’s 0.66% per day I believe. My big reservation on moving my BTC to this (I put a small amount in this week) is that the daily interest rate will crash when BTC crashes in March of 2022. BTC will recover, but will Aqua? It is just so hard to plan long term with crypto.

  28. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT DOC / SPREADSHEET 🙏🏽 It would help so much!

  29. Can you make a video on how you set up your spread sheets, what you track, and why you track? You have a great heart for sharing all this amazing info! I just started last night and this is truly amazing!

  30. Great video :) Can we download your spreadsheet calculator somewhere? How long should we stay in a farm? So long we can? (APY is high and not going down) What about leverage yield farming @tulip?

  31. Thankfully YT recommend this. Thanks for sharing this great video. But really?! What a handsome passive income. I haven’t tried yeild farming yet, I mainly trade but sometimes trading could be stressful. Maybe I’ll try this on the upcoming bear market so I can scoop up cheap AQUA, BNB.

  32. Thank you!!! Blessing video for those that are looking for an xtra income!!

  33. Thanks for posting! I’ve been interested in yield farming for quite some time. Your simple explanation is outstanding! You gained a subscriber.

  34. New subscriber to your channel. Totally appreciate the overview and illustration. Would you do a step by step demonstration of each step along the way say and what we need to do to try this strategy.

  35. Great video explaining this concept, could you possibly do a video touching on what tax season will look like after farming for a year? Very curious to see how much real “income” you can take out and how severely you can get taxed. Any info would help! Thanks!

  36. Hi great video, how do I setup auto invest on my account to use your strategy to compound?

  37. This way is less riskier than holding and speculating a coin. You just need patience before seeing those gains. 😀 please make a video about how to find good yield farming projects like the one mentioned in the video.

  38. Loving your content! Fellow Canadian & sailor here! My only complaint is that I wish you made a daily video! 🤣✨

  39. Firstly I want to say how sorry I am for your Hack Loss and how appreciative I am for you giving us insight on how to better protect ourselves. You are a good man. Thank You 🙏🏼
    Secondly I have a nominal amount to start Yield Farming and Staking with of $2k for my first year. Do you recommend that I find one or more than one pair to farm initially through Planet 🌎 Finance? Thanks 🙏🏼 Again

  40. Thank you for taking the time and making this video. The first video i seen on your channel was the video u got hacked…so sad. I’m a new subscriber.

  41. i search the web everyday looking for informative videos like this and your videos is by far at the top of my hidden gem list

  42. Great explaining 👌 only just getting into yield farming so I’m still learning. I’m on Farmer Joe

  43. I genuinely appreciate how incredible you are and your work!! Thanks for the job well done 👆👆👆

  44. Thanks for your great video! Here’s a question: the current rate of Aqua-BNB is .22/day or 126/year. So it dropped quite a lot. If I put in 5k, how much would I have in a year??

  45. I just found your channel and it is amazing! I’ve been in crypto for 4 years and counting and I am ready to take it to the next level sir. I’m hooked line and sinker going to give yield farming a major try. Thank you very much and take care

  46. Thanks for the great video. I’m new to yield farming, and I didn’t quite get why you wouldn’t select a stable coin to pair with. I would be grateful if you could clarify that. Thanks a lot!

  47. Hey . Great video . But I know there is impermanent losses to consider . But if the value of coins you’ve stake increase do your rewards increase ??

  48. With the huge change in the aqua/bib farm dropping so much, what is the next best farm pair to try and get some of the growth shown on your spreadsheet?

  49. Thank you for the great content! I am new to yield farming, but I am excited to get started!

  50. ☝️☝️ sir I will continue to recommend you to my family and friends you are the best when it’s comes to recovery of funds.. my wife invested $10k and she got $30k..