yield farming crypto on velas blockchain on wagyuswap for high yield crypto farming

Yield farming guide for Wagyuswap is the first yield farming project on velas.com blockchain which is said to be the improved version of solana. Not sure if that’s true, but seems pretty good so far. Currently high yield crypto farming. Wagyuswap has super high yields for the time being and I wanted to share you how to start farming on these yields. Transfer funds via BSC to velas and deposit just like on pancakeswap. Did I mention that it is fork of pancakeswap. So it’s relatively safe, expect for the one obvious red flag mentioned in the video.

All videos uploaded to my channel are done with educational purpose, but please note that they are based on my personal experience and my personal opinions. I’m not official financial advisor.

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If you read this far to the description, thank you very much.
Have a nice day!

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  1. EDIT: Please note actual APR is lower than shown on wagyuswap website. it is approx 50% lower.

    EDIT2: Please note bridge to swap tokens from BSC to Velas has been overloaded due to large amount of funds being transferred. Now they added note that average transfer time if 10minutes. But I think it’s longer than that. Anyway as long as you have set wallet address correctly it should work ok. at least I have not had any issues other than it takes a long time.

    Sorry, forgot to add the step for sending funds from Velas webwallet to Metamask.
    So once you have swapped funds on web wallet from BSC to Velas network (Velas EVM) then you need to send funds from there to your metamask.
    After that you select Velas network on your metamask and you will have your funds available. This was supposed to be added prior to the timestamp 9:35

  2. Just unstaked my Velas and have to wait 48h to withdraw…. I’m loooosing gaing… Good video

  3. Is there another way to swap, because the swap function in the Velas Wallet doesn’t load?

  4. If I want to farm etherium so which one is the address etherium or etherium legacy. Thanks

  5. works perfect! swapping in just 1 sec ! This project can get huge! Great APY at the moment on different pairs or just stake only WAG

  6. I cannot see Bsc on wallet… Please help ..

    Only velas, Bitcoin and etherium networks listed…

  7. Can we just hold the wag in a wallet if we don’t want to stake ?

  8. Why is there a daily quota on the amount of VLX I can swap from BEP-20 to VLX EVM?

  9. i am new to yield farming. Been watching your videos from last couple of days and have known many new things. started my first investment in this project. one have invested 100$. Thanks for let us know about this opportunity. And i do know its a risky project but took a chance.

  10. I can only swap 0.02 vlx why is that?
    Edit^ it worked but cant see it on the velas network now in my velas wallet

  11. Nope. It just keeps swallowing my BEP-20 VLX and never swaps to EVM. Shows up as a transaction going from one wallet to another, and then that wallet to a burn address. Tried it 4 times over the last 3 hours and 4 times it has been sent to a 0x000000000000… address and never gets sent to my EVM wallet. Absolute bullshit.

  12. Thanks for producing this video – very interesting indeed! I’m having a problem with my Velas Tokens getting burned when I try to transfer them to the Velas chain. I decided to use the Desktop Version of the wallet because it felt safer than then Web Version that you showed in the video. I’ve submitted a ticket with support so we’ll see what happens. I suspect they have some “bugs” in the desktop version. I might try transferring some Velas Token using the web version. Interesting enough, the BUSD transfer from the BSC to Velas chain worked without a hitch.

  13. One more comment in terms of producing a tutorial video. I would STRONGLY suggest that you go through a “live” demo in the future. You very quickly gleaned over the whole procedure and as you saw, forgot an important element like uploading your converted tokens into the MM Wallet on the Velas Chain!

  14. On the 7th minute, i sended my coins, he said it took 30 seconds to transfer to the upside but i am waiting 10minutes now still nothing. Can somone help?

  15. I followed your instructions. Once i swapped, my money went to god knows where. I dont undrestand. I didnt change anything in the swap like you said

  16. hey man ive swapped some vlx from bsc on the bsc to evm vlx i did it twice actually the addresses are all good its been an hour since the first swap still nothing dont want to keep doing it any ideas?

  17. OK. Everything is working now. Velas had a problem on their end. A helpful mod on the Telegraph Channel mentioned they were a little back logged. Transactions from BSC to Velas chain are now slowly getting back to normal.

  18. The actual amount of WGY distributed seems much less than the claimed APR. 10x less in fact.

  19. hey it says in the roi calculator of wagyuswap farm it is showing if compounded daily then i will get more returns. how should i compound daily. should i unstake and then stake again everyday for 7 days? and also what is your opinion on wonderland in avalanche blockchain. The roi is pretty high and its been like that from last 20 days and even increasing

  20. need 0.3 vlx in the vlx network to convert from wag to vlx for commissions please

  21. I have swapped my bep20 velas to velas evm and I don`t see balance! did I just lost my money?

  22. Hi, One thing I didnt catch. Do you need equal dollar values of each in the trading pair?

  23. which is better to do. To harvest the wag everyday and stake it in the pool like you explained or to buy the vlx and busd with harvested wag and add it into the farm everyday. which is better? what are you doing?

  24. I have joined the farming, if it’s on 1 year can you change that anytime or stop trade when you want are you locked in for the time you had chose when you started the farm?

  25. Thank you for the video! Can you please help. I tranferred from Velas BEP-20 to Velas network but after passing one day nothing is shown in Velas EVM. I do not know where did my funds go. I did not change any address while swapping.

  26. Hey mate, it would be great to highlight in your pinned comment, that this APR is NOT real!!! You wont get the amount showed in the calculator. Maybe 50% of it, but not the full amount. I have a calculated amount of 191$ a day and I am in the staking since 1 3/4 days, and guess what? -> I ONLY got 126$ so far (NO COMPOUNDING, because that is not working so easily in farming, because you will need to change it to LP Token anytime.) People getting fooled by this….

  27. the BSC network is not visible in my velas wallet… any help appreciated… thank you

  28. The content is very interesting, but do not explain why you do this and that, why you swap, why you send, why you change network, etc.
    Also, what is the difference between farm, and pool, and stake and yielding?

  29. @10:35 what speed is that? And you speak “you would”, “once you have”, but you don’t explain the present. BTW, it’s not svag, it’s swag

  30. Hi
    great work!

    but i can not swap on Wagyu for it always says that i have insufficient funds
    Also swaping in metamska keeps giving me errors ..

    how can we solve that?
    thank you

  31. Didn’t watch video. I’m staying away due to the struggles people are stating in the comments.

  32. This was a really nice find! Hoping to see more early stage farms with super low gas fee like this.

  33. Hello there. Can’t I stake using only velas wallet? Do I have to use metamask?

  34. Hello there. Can I swap my wag coins via velas wallet? Or is it just for vlx and busd coins?